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Managing Up for Millennials
Brunch + Workshop = Smart Fun
Saturday, November 23 11:00am - 1:00pm
Find out what it means to manage up, and when to do it! Come for yourself, bring staff, or bring your experienced perspective on:
  • Being in tune and jumping in when needed, sometimes proactively
  • Maintaining a "can do" attitude no matter what is going on
  • Doing quality work and keeping your leaders informed
  • Building relationships built on trust and dependability
  • Thinking ahead where deadlines and obstacles are concerned
  • Walking in your leader's shoes (Understanding what may be causing behaviors that may negatively impact you) 

There are many other aspects that we'll discuss at our highly interactive, mentoring workshop.  Local business, nonprofit and government leaders will be on hand to offer their perspectives, as well.   


Brunch included!

In This Issue
A Great Resume Should Be:
  • Written to get you an interview, not list every thing you've ever done
  • Clear and concise
  • Filled with empirical information, not glittering generalities 
Want to learn more for yourself, a peer or protege?  Contact us today
Millennials Influencing the DC Food Scene
We're cookin' now!
Washington Post (c)
Great Washington Post Article about 9 Millennial "movers and shakers" in the DC food scene. Our Favorite is 29 year old Marjorie Meek-Bradley - Executive Chef of one of our fav restaurants in DC - Cleveland Park's 


She represents all of the best aspects of an empowered young woman.  She grew up helping out in her parent's California Soup Kitchen - and continues supporting volunteer projects here in DC.
Her talents as Chef de Cuisine were first noticed in another popular Washington Restaurant, Mike Isabella's Graffiato.
Read about Marjorie, and other great Millennials below.
Building Generational Bridges - Customized Workshops

"Regardless of the challenges or benefits millennials pose to society, their culture - which is rapidly becoming our culture - is here to stay. As leaders of industry, we need to seek ways to understand and engage them, to teach and to learn from them."

- Michael Schulze, Senior Vice President, Retail, SAP

How are you engaging your Millennial workforce?  Is it working?  Living Vicky's Building Generational Bridges workshops can be customized to address specific team challenges. Interactive workshop outcomes can include:
  • Improved team communication creating more efficient project completion
  • Lowered staff turnover
  • Increased morale and productivity
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