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Catalyst, an organization devoted to the research of understanding workforces, published a report in August 2011, entitled "Sponsoring Women to Success." They found mentorship increased women's odds of being placed at a mid-manager level, or greater, by 56% over those without a mentor.
We want to ensure that young women get that mentorship and improve their career success by growing their "soft skills".  It is an important step on the path to creating a better recruiting pool for firms, too.

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Mentoring + Soft Skills = Effective Collective Intelligence

It doesn't matter how smart someone is, if they cannot get along with others.  It doesn't matter how many people you throw at a problem if they cannot work together.  In organizations where there are team members with attributes from 3 or more generational perspectives, constructive conversation can fail -- or never get started.

A recent study revealed that Collective Intelligence "is something that is greater than any individual contribution or the sum of contributions. "
Millennials - Who They Are and Why We Hate Them

Gotta love Ted Talks using incendiary titles to get you to watch stuff.  This video, featuring Scott Hess, is an interesting perspective that speaks about the friction that exists between all generations - not just this one.  

We especially like his statement that Millennials don't embrace work/life balance -- they have work/life integration. Watch the video and  let us know what you think! 
Meet Our Newest Family Members
Danielle (L) is managing our exciting Social Media, and Carol (R) will be crafting more beautiful graphics for us
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Special Building Generational Bridges Event
Coming in November - everyone welcome!

Come enjoy a sneak preview of our workshop where we'll discuss topics like "What Managers say, and what Millennials hear".  Its the first of many steps to address:
  • Successful and clear communications on a multi-generational team
  • Expectations facing Millennials as they enter the workforce
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