May  2017 Newsletter
How to Effectively Turn Our "Random Acts of Kindness" Into "Random Acts of WELLNESS".... 
We are all familiar with the saying "Random Acts of Kindness" and have likely participated in actions such as: 
  • Stopping to help someone change a flat tire
  • Letting someone go before you in the grocery line
  • Mowing a neighbor's yard
  • Holding the door open for others
  • Asking an individual about their day
When I was recently reminded of this phrase, "Random Acts of Kindess," an idea spontaneously came to me. What if we began saying  
"Random Acts of WELLNESS" instead?  
It has become the "norm" to  eat more than we could burn off resulting in excess body fat, to sit hours a day making physical inactivity a top killer of Americans, to stress out over every unwanted unexpected event, to partake in excessive alcohol consumption, to spend excess time and money focused on the outside of our body rather than our physical, emotional, and spiritual health.  We all do things that are not in our best interest.  ALL of us.  We buy into cultural norms that can lead us down a path of unhealthiness and unhappiness.

How can we combat societal norms that keep us from being our best?  We can all focus every day on not only R.A.K:  Random Acts of Kindness, but throughout the day on R.A.W: Random Acts of Wellness .   These wellness acts can take many forms:  taking the stairs, parking at the back of the parking lot, bringing a healthy lunch to work, taking a few minutes to meditate or pray, declining the donuts or cookies someone brought to work, refraining from a nonessential activity (ex. pedicure or manicure) or purchase (ex. designer purse or shoes) to build up savings and avoid credit card debt. 
Start out every day THINKING HEALTHY: physically, emotionally, socially, financially, and spiritually.  Think:  I will look for the opportunity to exhibit Random Acts of Wellness.  Over time, with repetition, these random acts will become habit.  They will not be random.  They will be who you are.  

You will be Living WELL Aware!

Limited August Availability!

August is booking fast, but we still have a few dates open. 
Dr. Sulak is scheduled to speak at several school events this summer. If your school district needs a boost, let Dr. Sulak and her message of Living WELL Aware inform and inspire your employees to greater vitality at your upcoming convocation or workshop! 

Upcoming Living WELL Aware Events:

Additional Events:
  June 27: Region 12 Education 
           Service Center School Nurse        Conference, 
Waco, Tx 
           July 15: A Day of Reflection 
       for Women, West, TX

           May 23: Dinner Tonight
             sponsored by Texas AgriLife,
Bell County Expo Center, 
Belton, Tx ( more information ).
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