April 30, 2014 
With fire season just around the corner for some, and in high gear for others, the Living With Fire program is getting ready for Nevada Wildfire Awareness Month (NWAM). Read on to find out if we'll visit your area in our Regional Conference tour, for access to the NWAM calendar of events, for tips on how you prepare your home to survive an ember storm and more!

 Living With Fire Presents Regional Conferences in May

May 1st kicks off Nevada Wildfire Awareness Month, and communities, local, state and federal fire agencies and many others are gearing up to hold events in an effort to raise awareness and encourage action to reduce the wildfire threat. Nevadans around the state can learn about the differences they can make in their communities by reducing their threat before a wildfire begins, and can meet and interact with the various partners who can help. Read more...
Nevada Wildfire Awareness Month events begin May 1  

Have you seen the Living With Fire calendar lately? It's stacking up an impressive list of events. What are your goals for Nevada Wildfire Awareness Month? How will you prepare your home for wildfire? Attend an event in your area to connect with neighbors, meet local fire agencies and drum up ideas to reduce your wildfire threat!

The summer months are just around the corner and red flag warning days are nearly upon us. Is  your home ready to withstand the storm of embers a wildfire can generate? There are steps a homeowner can take to fortify his or her home against embers. Explore the Be Ember Aware interactive program to find out what you can do!  
Partner Spotlight:
Carson City Fire Department

 The Carson City Fire Department (CCFD), with support from the Bureau of Land Management and the Nevada Division of Forestry, offers Carson City residents living in the wildland-urban interface a free biomass disposal service. Residents can call to have a large bin delivered to dispose of their green waste. After they've filled it with their flammable trimmings and vegetation, CCFD will haul it way to be turned into mulch at a later date! For more information on this and other programs in Carson City, call 775-887-2210 or visit their website here .  
Natalie Encourages us to Lend Firefighters a Hand!
As a member of a community located in the wildland-urban interface where a beautiful hike is moments from my door, there's always wildlife to study, and the stars seem to burn a little brighter at night, I take pride in my community...
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Funding Opportunities
Grant Writer's Tip: It can often be overwhelming to think of how your project can fit into the requirements of a grant proposal. Work through the details of your project ahead of time and keep track of the materials you collect in doing so. That way, when a funding opportunity comes along, you'll know whether or not your project will fit the requirements and you'll be ready to start on the application!

FEMA: FY14 Pre-Disaster Mitigation Grant Program 
States and Federally-recognized Native American Tribes can apply for funds for wildfire mitigation projects. Local Governments are considered sub-applicants and need to apply to their state applicant. 
Grant proposals are due 7/25/2014. See the details here
Will you prepare your home for wildfire? Watch our PSA for a little help to get inspired!

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Nevada neighborhoods located in wildfire-prone areas should work toward becoming Fire Adapted Communities (FACs). FACs are communities that can survive a wildfire with little or no assistance from firefighters.This is possible because of how the homes are constructed and maintained, the manner vegetation within and surrounding the community is managed and the knowledge and skills of the residents. During a wildfire, FACs reduce the potential for loss of human life and injury, minimize damage to homes and infrastructure and reduce firefighting costs. For more information, watch Fire Adapted Communities: The Next Step in Wildfire Preparedness.

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