November 15, 2019
You! Tainted Or Not?

by Bonita Bennett

My friend’s looks and charisma are so striking that whenever he walks into a room, both men and women turned to stare.  I’ve witnessed women of all shapes and sizes hang off the rafters with baited breath for their moment to be chosen, and he tried his best to accommodate as many who fit his criteria.
But as I watched him from afar, I always held the thought that he was searching for that something, and he knew what he was looking for.

In the ten years I’ve known him, I’ve never seen him with a woman who could be described as anything other than gorgeous or beautiful. Therefore, I was shocked when he invited me to dinner to announce that he was getting married, (for the first time at the age of 43) and to meet his intended. To my surprise, she was not of the movie star genre he was usually seen with, though she was attractive. But she had a magnetic quality that drew you in to indulge the essence of her personality.   MORE
From The Locker Room

“I recently experienced the callousness of two men who separately spurned my love and devotion for the flailing arms of another woman. One ended our relationship by leaving a message on my voicemail, and the other sent me a text.”

“I just recently stopped seeing a married man, and my self-esteem has received a major boost. I understand now why he never left his wife for me. I was always there waiting for any crumbs that were left over from her table. But not anymore, from now on I want my own man."

“There are a lot of starved women out here searching for a hint of affection from a man, who are willing to compromise their dignity and self-esteem for a fleeting sense of belonging to someone…but I’m no longer one of them.  If a man can’t treat me with love, respect and affection, I will continue to go to the movies and everywhere else alone.”

True Or False?
"You might have to fight a battle more than once to win it."
-Margaret Thatcher


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