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Wednesday, September 21, 2022


Dear Dana Point Boaters,

Do you feel like you are living in an alternate universe? After spending most of our Labor Day weekend analyzing the new slip layout, we do. We spent four days counting and recounting slips to ensure we fully comprehend the ramifications of the new slip layout published by Dana Point Harbor Partners at the beginning of September. Click here for a link to our analysis.


In summary, the Coastal Development Permit # 5-19-0971 and LCP Policy 4.2. 2-6, which are the governing documents for the revitalization, state,” the average slip length shall not exceed 32 feet and that the net loss of slips harbor-wide shall be minimized and shall not exceed 155 slips. The proposed development will result in an average slip length of 32 feet and a net loss of 155 slips, from 2409 to 2254 slips.”


When comparing the approved slip layout from 2020 to the current slip layout recently distributed to DP slip holders, we assert it does not comply for the below reasons:


  1. Current slips number 2196 rather than 2254, which is now a net loss of 213 slips, not 155.
  2. The average slip size on the new layout has increased to 33 feet, from 32 feet, mostly due to the addition of 22 berths over the length of 60 feet and the loss of 90 berths under 32 feet that were in the approved plan.
  3. End ties which were to be utilized for several sizes of small boats, have now been changed to facilitate larger single vessels up to 114 feet.
  4. Because of utilizing end ties for four vessels on two 93’ and two 111’ end ties, it renders four other end ties not usable due to navigational limitations.
  5. The maximum slip size was supposed to be 65’, including end ties. The new marina layout includes twenty-end ties over 65 feet.


On September 12, 2022, we emailed a formal complaint letter to the CA Coastal Commission regarding this matter. Click here to read the letter and view the new slip layouts. You will be advised once we have a response.


We question,


1.     Why does DPHP feel it is okay to totally disregard the conditions of the CDP and LCP regarding the wet slips and the day-use boater parking?

2.     Will the City of Dana Point exercise its authority under the LCP to correct this atrocity?

3.     Will the End Tie Public Wait List now accommodate boats over 65 feet?

4.     Have the new-end ties over 65 feet already been spoken for? 


Cronyism: Abuse of one's power in favor of providing undue advantages and benefits to friends.


Next up: Dock Boxes! 

Legal Endeavors are Expensive

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