Oct 26, 2021

Suzanne Hunt, Clairvoyant,
Healer, Spiritual Teacher
Living in the present means
blessing the past
Hello spiritual friends!

"All your past except its beauty is gone,
and nothing is left but a blessing"
~~ Marianne Williamson

I read this quote the other day and my heart opened. Blessing the past is such a beautiful and deeply healing concept. We spend so much time grieving the past, letting go of the past, trying to accept it, or we maybe aren't even there yet, because we are still hiding from it due to deep sense of guilt or shame.

There are those choices we made, behaviors or communications we dealt to someone, the painful ones they dealt to us or the events that just happened that we wish were not so. These regretful memories are part of us, taking space in our energy like a type of living debris, perhaps in a dormant state. But they can wake up at any time during those unforgiving moments in life and throw us off balance.

When when we reject part of our past, we are actually rejecting some aspects of ourselves. And the rejection or resistance prevents the love and contentment from getting in. It is more difficult to receive love and appreciation when don't feel like we deserve it.

I have some of these. Maybe you do too.

When I read this quote my Marianne Williamson, I realized the blessing she talks about brings true power into the healing process. When we bless our past, we are really blessing ourselves. These thoughts and memories from the past create pain only because of the way we feel about them. Otherwise they are just things that happened. . .. Events.

The loving act of blessing our past creates a graceful flow of compassion and self-acceptance that fills in the space where the painful feelings lived. The blessing allows them to dissolve, fully and completely. Regrets become part of the fabric of our life history and we embrace all the colors, textures and dimensions of it.

Why not consider some of those aspects of your past today and decide to bless them. Truly embrace what happened and give it a blessing. If that seems difficult, try stepping into the inquiry of, what am I learning from this situation? What personal growth do I have now because of this past experience? What am I grateful for?

Therein lies your gift and blessing.

All my best to you on your spiritual journey!
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