International Organization of Marianist Lay Communities (IO-MLC) 

Region of North America, Asia, Australia, and Ireland

September- 2019

Activities of Incheon MLC
Marta Jeong
National Responsible for
Purpose in Life in 2019

Incheon MLC chose “Living the Marianist Spirituality Intensely in the World” as our purpose in life for 2019 in order to implement the challenges from the 7 th International Meeting held in Korea in 2018.
To achieve the goal, we chose and have been engaged in tasks suitable to the circumstances of each community such as ‘to reveal Marianist family spirit in life to the world, to continuously promot e formation for the consecrated life with Mary, and to collaborate with Mary’s missionary task.’
-        Formation of Marianists
•       Currently, 12 postulants are receiving formation training for dedication from the FMI and 15 observers are preparing to become postulants.

-        Study and Deepening of Marianist Spirituality
•        Community Meetings : We are deepen ing Marianist spirituality continuously through the life of faith including monthly research and sharing of learning materials, praying, and retreat. (Study Material for 2019: ‘The Blessed Chaminade of Bordeaux’, SM Books)

•        Spirituality Deepening Group : This group is dedicated to members who wish to live in Marianist spirituality more intensely and the meeting is held on a week day and on the weekend. (twice a month) (Study Material for 2019: (‘Marianist Community with One Heart and One Soul from Jerusalem to Seoul’, SM Books)

•        Life of Prayer : We offer Marianist Secret and Three O’clock Prayer every day, celebrate Marian Feasts in monthly Masses, retreats, and liturgies, and practicing Marianist life.

-       Collaborating with Marianist Families
•       Collaborating with Marianist Families : We are preparing for Marianist World Prayer Day, family camp, pilgrimage, and retreat. In this year’s pilgrimage, the sisters of Japan FMI visiting Korea joined us. Also, during the annual retreat, Superior General of FMI Sr. Franca Zonta gave us a lecture on the “Spirituality of Sr. Adele” and we also had a time to welcome Assistant for Education Sr. Clotilde Fernandez del Pozo and Assistant for Temporalities Sr. Michaela Lee Pok-Sun, who were also visiting Korea.

•          Collaborating with Other Communities : Our communities invited each other to retreats, pilgrimages, outings, or community’s feast day M asses and sharing the activities of members and encouraging each other through the heads of communities and the meetings of the heads of the three offices.

-       Apostolate Activities
•         Collaborating with local community for the poor and the alienated: In the parish of Incheon, we are assisting with the M ass at a university hospital for patients (every week) and performing music once a month at a nursing home.

•         Collaborating with Marianist families in Korea for the poor and the alienated: We are volunteering at the FMI Youth Center (once a week) and SM Chaminade Nursing Home (once a month) by providing labor service.

•         Other : We are practicing material sharing by supporting the missionary work of the FMI in India and the shelter for single mothers and immigrant families.
•         Formation of Young Marianists : We are experiencing difficulties in maintaining our numbers of Marianists due to young people’s indifference to faith and the uncertainty they have about their careers. We decided to establish and carry out plans to recover and help their faith.

•         Apostolate for the Poor and the Alienated : We decided to develop and carry out sustainable and systematic programs for those who are not only materially poor but also socially alienated.
Thank you for giving us a chance to introduce Incheon MLC .  W e pray that all members of the North American region take a closer step toward God’s blessing and love, with Mary and through her assistance.                                                                                     
For more information contact:
Marta Jeong,
Pilgrimage with FMI in
Incheon, KO.
May, 2019.
Pilgrimage with Three Communities: Adele, Immaculate Mary, & Agen.
June, 2019
Retreat of Spiritual
Deepening Group.
August 24-25, 2019.
Welcome Event for FMI
General Administration.
September, 2019.
For more information contact:
Marta Jeong,
Upcoming Marianist Feast Days

  • Oct. 2: Memorial of the Guardian Angels

  • Oct. 7: Memorial of Our Lady of the Rosary

  • Oct. 12: Feast of Our Lady of the Pillar

  • Oct. 13: Marianist World Day of Prayer
2019 Official Site:  NATITINGOU, BENIN (West Africa) 
At the Marian Shrine of Our Lady of Atacora 
Mother Of Unity and Good Counsel 

Get the 2019 Guide :

Let Us Pray...
Excerpt from
The Prayer to Our Lady of Atacora

Our Lady of Atacora,

We venerate you as Mother of unity and good counsel.

Gather us by your maternal tenderness.

Make us committed disciples who, in the image of your divine Son, are distinguished by love and forgiveness given and received.

Let us proclaim the Gospel fearlessly to those who do not know it.

Help us to labor with enthusiasm for the glory of God, to work wholeheartedly for justice and peace, for the social, intellectual, moral, and spiritual progress of our region.

May we be really salt of the earth and light of the world! ...

Our Lady of Atacora, pray for us!

from The Marianist
World Day of Prayer
Guide, 2019

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