Livingston CARES’ mission is to help communities and individuals locally, regionally, statewide, nationwide and globally in humanitarian projects including disaster relief and recovery efforts. CARES also provides a resource and information repository for individuals and organizations wishing to contribute to disaster recovery efforts. 
Livingston CARES Newsletter Issue 6
February, 2021

Celebrating 15 Years of Service: Greetings Members and Friends of Livingston CARES. Our volunteers, donors, and alumni are members of Livingston CARES and we hope you will continue to support our community service work. This year, we are celebrating 15 years and the work of 1,500 plus volunteers on 90 service trips.since our founding in 2005. Due to the pandemic, we were forced to cancel several trips in 2020 and postpone 2021 trips to Puerto Rico and Louisiana until May or possibly 2022.

Zoom Reunions: We decided to stay active and celebrate our 15 years of service by hosting a Zoom reunion with the founders in September 2020. The success of that event prompted us to host Zoom reunions with the first volunteer group to work in Biloxi in 2006, another with volunteers on the three trips to Biloxi in 2011, and a fourth with volunteers on three trips to the Florida Keys in 2019. Our next Zoom reunion on March 10, will include volunteers on 5 service teams that worked on Hurricane Sandy projects on Staten Island in 2013-2015. Let us know if you would like to help host a service trip Zoom reunion.   

Livingston County Cares for Our Healthcare Workers: Last summer, we responded to the pandemic through a Front Line Workers Appreciation Project thanking workers throughout Livingston County for their service. In this issue of the Newsletter, we are announcing a follow-up initiative to thank an estimated 800 healthcare workers for their continuing service during the pandemic.We invite you to help us with this project. See the details below.

Thank you again for your volunteer work and donations to Livingston CARES.

Tom Matthews
President, Livingston CARES 
News and Updates:
Livingston County Cares for our Healthcare Workers

Donate Today!

We are following up on the success of our Front Line Workers Appreciation Project that took place in 2020 with the Livingston County Cares for our Healthcare Workers initiative that will take place this March. There are over 1,200 healthcare workers across Livingston county that have been on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic for nearly 12 months. We want to recognize and celebrate the dedication and hard work of each individual who works in this field including nurses, doctors, technicians, nursing home staff, dentists, and custodial and support staff.

The board of directors is in the process of reaching out to health care providers and offices currently operating in Livingston County. Donations are being accepted to help us purchase small tokens of appreciation that will be packaged and delivered throughout the county on March 25-27. Your donation will enable the board to thank each worker for their continuing service during this challenging pandemic. Please consider making a donation to support this initiative.

Special thanks to several local partners for their generous donations to this initiative: The Central Presbyterian Church of Geneseo, the Geneseo United Methodist Church, and the Geneseo chapter of United University Professions. Your support will help us fund and coordinate our efforts and help make this initiative a reality.

Please follow the link below to make your donation today. You can use a credit card, PayPal, or Venmo for your donation.
ROC The Day 2020

On December 1, 2020 Livingston CARES took part in the annual ROC the Day fundraising event organized by the United Way of Greater Rochester. We want to thank all of our donors for helping us raise $1075.20 from online donations. With generous dollar for dollar matches from several of our board members we raised a grand total of $2150.40! These funds will be used to support our future service trips and humanitarian work here at home and across the country.
Upcoming Events
Virtual Reunion for Staten Island Trips
Volunteers in Staten Island inspecting the basement of a homeowner impacted by Super Storm Sandy.
Our virtual trip reunions last fall / early winter were a great success! For those that attended we hope you enjoyed them! We are hosting more reunions so even more past trip participants can reconnect and reminisce about your experiences.

We have a reunion scheduled for:

  • Staten Island Service Trips - these trip participants contributed to the recovery of communities impacted by Super Storm Sandy.

If you volunteered on one of the trips and want to be added to the contact list for these reunions, or if you don't see your trip here and want to organize a reunion for your group, please email and we'll connect you!

If you have any pictures from your trip and want to share them with us ahead of time to be able to share with the group please send them our way.
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If you wish to see the impact Livingston CARES has had throughout the years, you can use this link to view 15 years of trips, programs, people, projects, and more:
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