May 15, 2019 
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Meet the first three of your 1835 Livonia City Hall of Fame Class of 2019
On Friday meet the rest of the Class of 2019
Bob Hardies donating proceeds from the sale of Best Kept Secrets to Sue Poster at Greenmead.
Seedlings new logo
Seedlings providing reading opportunities to children across the nation
 and 75 countries around 
the world.
Chuck Dardas, President, AlphaUSA, with Charlie Mahoney, Class of 2011, 1835 Livonia City Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame 2013R. William Joyner, founder of the 1835 Livonia City Hall of Fame, is pleased to announce the first three inductees to the Class of 2019, to be joined on Friday with the balance of the Class.

Every year the date of the annual 1835 Livonia City Hall of Fame is circled bright red on the calendar of many Livonia residents. This year is no exception for the first Thursday in October, October 3rd.  The Induction Ceremony has been the gathering place for an incredible community of creative thinkers and innovators, the source of so much of what has been given to Livonia since our incorporation as a Township in 1835 and as a City in 1950.

The efforts of those inducted have helped create a sustainable hometown of which we are all proud.  Please join us and our esteemed friends from Livonia at the 1835 Livonia City Hall of Fame Induction. On October 3rd we will gather to advance the work and  continue the recognition of leaders who have dedicated a portion of their existence to bettering a town they live in or work in.

Meet the first three nominees of the Class of 2019:

Chuck Dardas -- President, COO AlphaUSA
Today's business environment has become increasingly complex due to political and regulatory changes.  As a result, there is a growing demand for company leadership who can successfully navigate a business environment while also accepting the responsibilities of giving back to the community by helping shape the future of the hometown where their employees live and work. Chuck Dardas offers up a rare breed of corporate leadership who understands that future generations will be better off because of efforts provided today. Efforts not just on paper but with ideas actually implemented.

Watching Chuck Dardas in action is to understand a mantra of "why talk. Go do." He offers up a template of community service that has brought to Livonia a food pantry inside Livonia schools now helping families across the district; giving students an opportunity to see real manufacturing while learning from experts in the industry from a real-life perspective, not just academic; encouraging people to expand their horizons and that life and learning is a continuous journey; reaching out into the community to host a book club at the Senior Center; establishing a Young Inventors Program to reinvigorate a passion for building things among young people.

Chuck Dardas has taken his skill set and knowledge base to develop a proactive corporate narrative across the range of community organizations from education to art and culture, from our youth to our seniors. This Dardas template provides an understanding that by networking and infusing a multitude of networks with new ideas and enthusiasm a community can stay young by being young.

Bob Hardies, Financial & Portfolio Advisors
Bob Hardies is remarkable in terms of the lives touched and service provided as he understands that small business owners often play a key role in their local communities by giving back and volunteering time or donating money to worthy causes. 

Bob Hardies works to develop and cultivate a culture of philanthropy within his business and within the organizations to which he donates.  He wants to create a Culture of Philanthropy. He  looks for opportunities to make an impact through a holistic approach that goes beyond simply writing a check. He wants to make sure that the money being donated enhances the mission of the organization and helps provide not just short term assistance but the framework for long term success.

His love and appreciation for the arts provides him the desire to support the Livonia Symphony Orchestra, Livonia Youth Symphony, the Livonia Civic Chorus, Seedlings and the Clarenceville Education Foundation among others. 

His appreciation for the community is embodied in the Bob Hardies Best Kept Secrets of Livonia, a four-volume set of historical significance that has seen nearly 10,000 copies in circulation throughout his  hometown in the past two years. He recognized that new residents moving into Livonia needed to have an understanding of some of the unique aspects that helped shape the town to which they have moved. As a result every month new residents receive in the mail the latest volume of Best Kept Secrets.

Bob Hardies has taken a significant skill set and has developed a culture of community giving. It is his goal to challenge other individuals and businesses to adopt and assist with time and energy some of the many organizations in Livonia that can use this help. By challenging others he is multiplying his own spirit of giving.

Seedlings Braille Books for Children
Over 150 million people use braille around the world today for a multitude of reasons. Braille allows users to gain an understanding of reading comprehension, of enabling them to be more independent and of opening doors in the professional world by securing a job. Helen Keller famously stated, "We, the blind, are as indebted to Louis Braille as mankind is to Gutenberg."

The Livonia based Seedlings Braille Books for Children provides children with a love for literacy by keeping visually impaired children in the mainstream of popular literature, providing an appreciation for story telling and an opening of doors into a world that many may never have known existed. This love of literacy starts right here with 100 volunteers printing and distributing  braille books to every state in America and over 75 countries around the world.

Less than 20% of the 50,000 blind children in the United States are proficient in braille. The written word has been inaccessible to them, and this is what Seedlings is working to change with  Braille books being provided at each level of development, from toddler books to classic literature for older children. Just as sighted children learn to "read" as they are exposed to the printed word, so do visually impaired children who are exposed to the tactile page at an early age.

Reaching out and touching the lives of children helps give meaning and purpose to human existence, an understanding that we can share with others that which we take for granted. Lives are touched each time a child picks up a book, each day that a volunteer transcribes a book into braille, each day that a parent shares their love of reading with their visually impaired son or daughter.

With every book that is shipped nationwide or around the world it helps define the cornerstone that makes Livonia a great hometown. Volunteerism. Reaching out. Putting a smile on the face of a young child. It is not about an individual making it seem that life is centered around self. It is about the importance of giving of oneself to enhance the quality of life of another. That defines Livonia. That defines the significance of Seedlings Braille Books for Children.

We say "thank you" to the Class of 2019 from the bottom of our hometown hearts.

Schoolcraft College continues to expand--meeting the needs of the community and students

NWC Printing, Merriman Road between Schoolcraft and Plymouth Road, at the railroad tracks, is set within the next 30 days to move their operation to General Drive in Plymouth. The reason for the move? Simple. The building has been sold to Schoolcraft College and will be turned into what the typewriter is calling a one-stop-shop for their manufacturing program that will expose students to manufacturing processes, materials, methods of production and quality systems and tools.

Schoolcraft College recognizes that today's manufacturing professionals need to understand the fundamentals of production and technology while using critical thinking skills to solve problems and focus on quality and efficiency. To help accomplish that, while enhancing manufacturing and quality assurance, our hometown College will be offering multiple classes in robotics, medicine and STEM related training.

At the same time that Schoolcraft College is expanding their footprint into this vital training area NWC is reducing their footprint by moving to a smaller building with less equipment, selling most of their high end print presses overseas and moving more to a digital format. 

The typewriter will miss NWC but recognizes that with this expansion of Schoolcraft College our hometown college will continue to assert itself as a hometown gem that is looked at and appreciated around the state of Michigan as one of the best. 

Cinematic Art expands in Livonia with the introduction of Fathom Events 
at the  Phoenix Theatre

Saga of Tanya The Evil - The Movie
May 16 - 7:30 PM

Bolshoi Ballet: Carmen Suite/Petrushka
May 19 - 12:55 PM

Steel Magnolias 30th Anniversary (1989)
May 19 - 4:00 PM
May 21 - 7:00 PM
May 22 - 7:00 PM

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind - 
Studio Ghibli Fest
May 20 - 7:00 PM
May 21 - 7:00 PM

The Cold Blue
May 23 - 7:30 PM
Click on this image for all movie times

Election Season in our Hometown

Livonia Board of Education
The Livonia schools will have two proposals on the ballot in August. The first is a renewal millage. The second is a sinking fund proposal. 

City of Livonia
Mayor primary in August

Laura Toy 

Bruce Tenniswood 

Maureen Miller Brosnan 

City Council primary election in August
Top eight nominated for general election in November
Four to be elected. Top three for 4-year term. 
The 4th for a 2-year term. 

You may vote for up to 4 of the following 12:

Scott Bahr             
Gerald Perez 
Robert Donovic           
Eileen McDonnell 

Send your calendar notices to

May in Livonia

May 16 @ 5:30
Civic Park Senior Center

May 18 @ 12:00 noon
Maureen Brosnan Canvas Kickoff
Civic Center Senior Center

May 18
Spring Garden Party
Livonia Symphony Orchestra

May 18 @ 2:00
Livonia Youth Symphony of Michigan
Annual Spring Concert
Madonna University-Kresge Hall

May 19 @ 8:00 start
Clarenceville Education Foundation
5K Walk/Run

May 16-27
Livonia Rotary AM Club   
Spring Carnival  
Seven and Middlebelt

May 18 @ 9:00 -10:00 rain or shine
Livonia Garden Club Plant Sharing
Greenmead Historical Park

May 19 
St. Baldrick's 
9th Annual Shave-A-Thon  
@ Claddagh Irish Pub

May 19
Spring Concert at Churchill Performing Arts Center
54th Annual by the Livonia Civic Chorus

May 21 @ 6:00
Bruce Tenniswood campaign kickoff
Quality Inn on Plymouth Road

May 22 @ 7:30 am
Scott Bahr campaign kick off
Andiamo Livonia

May 22 @ 7:30 pm
Schoolcraft Road Panera Bread

May 23 @ 5:00 - 7:00
Brandon McCullough for City Council
Fundraiser at Wintergarden

May 23 @ 7:00 - 8:45
45th Annual Livonia Prayer Breakfast
Burton Manor

May 29 @ 7:00
Livonia Republican Club Candidate Forum
Civic Park Senior Center

June in Livonia
June 1 @ 9:00 - 2:30
Dr. Thomas A. Dooley 
Knights of Columbus Council #5492
Kick off to Summer Car Show

June 1 @ 7:00 am - 10:00
Livonia City Hall Campus  Save Our Youth Run

June 7 @ all day
Robert Bennett Memorial Golf Outing
Benefiting the Livonia Symphony Orchestra

June 8 @ 10:00 - 2:00
Livonia's Annual Passport to Safety
Livonia Police Department
Safety stations where children learn about safety 
in a fun, family setting.
June 9 @ 9:00 - 5:00
32nd Annual Barn Car Show
Wilson Barn

June 13 @ 5:45-7:00 & 7:00 - 9:00
Ice Cream followed by Patriotic & Pops
Kirksey Recreation Center

June 25 - 30
Livonia Spree 69
Happy Birthday Livonia !

July in Livonia
July 11 - August 29
Every Thursday 
Music From The Heart
Livonia City Hall Back Porch

July 20 - August 3

July 27 @ 10:00 - 2:00
Touch a Truck @  Greenmead 

August in Livonia
August 17 @ 11:00 - 3:00
Campus of City Hall

September in Livonia
September 15 @ 1:00 - 4:00

Good Old Fashioned  Neighborhood Corn Roast
John Stymelski Park

Sponsored by
Livonia YMCA
Livonia Parks and Recreation

In partnership with
Community Financial
Livonia Rotary AM Club
Financial & Portfolio Advisors

Corn provided by
Roasted by
Livonia Lions Club

Music provided by
Livonia Civic Chorus
Livonia Youth Symphony

September 28 @ 10:00 - 6:00
Guns and Gowns @ Greenmead

October in Livonia
October 3 @ 7:00
Hall of Fame 2013
Hall of Fame 2013 

Run for fun. Run for a good cause. Save our Youth.

Looking for a fun community event to attend? The 13th annual Run 2 Save Our Youth, sponsored by Livonia Save Our Youth Coalition and the Livonia Police Department, is Saturday, June 1st! The 5K run/walk starts and ends on the grounds of Livonia City Hall and you can also participate in the Family Fun Fest! Food, music, Kids' Fun Run (free!) sponsor tent, raffle, bounce house, certified course, professional timing and MORE!

Run/walk individually or as a team! For details and registration visit: or use the attached registration form for mail-in or drop off. Contact Shari Davidek at or 734-338-9580 for more information!


What do Terry Marecki, Kathleen McIntyre, Scott Bahr,
The Blue Plate Diner, Schoolcraft College, Gretchen Alaniz,
Maureen Miller Brosnan, Rob Donovic all have in common? 

They are supporting the Livonia Civic Chorus 54th Annual
Spring Concert this Sunday at Churchill High School.

See you there.

Motor City Youth Theatre does it again with another great show coming up next weekend. Check it out.

Motor City Youth Theatre presents  The Rainbow Fish!  It's a wonderful musical that is s hort and very sweet; just over an hour.  Great costumes, great songs, awesome MCYT actors!!

Performances are scheduled for 7 PM May 16, 17, 18 and 2 PM May 19. ALL SEATS $10 FOR ANY SHOW.

There is a 1:00 PM Saturday, May 18 special performance for pre-school children and families, includes craft tables.. Contact or purchase tickets on EVENTBRITE

Memorial Day Remembrances
Rosedale Gardens Presbyterian Church
City of Livonia in partnership with Allied Veterans

Campaign events scheduled for three Livonia candidates:
Rob Donovic for Council
Maureen Miller Brosnan for Mayor
Bruce Tenniswood for Mayor
Brandon McCullough for Council
Candidates are out and about Livonia. Retail is so cool.

Maureen Miller Brosnan for Livonia Mayor May 18

Join Maureen for her canvass kick-off, where she will be knocking doors around Livonia to talk to voters about her campaign for mayor. Never canvassed before? Maureen says, "We'll meet in the Senior Center conference room at noon for a brief training, and we'll pair you up with an experienced canvasser. And join us back at the Senior Center at 3:30 for a volunteer appreciation meal.  Feel free to invite your friends, family, and first-time canvassers alike! "

Can't make it to our canvass at noon? Join them at 3:30 to learn more about the campaign and talk about being involved going forward. 
Bruce Tenniswood for Livonia Mayor May 21
Bruce Tenniswood is having a Campaign Kickoff - Fundraiser Event on Tuesday, May 21st from 6:00 - 9:00 at the Quality Inn and Suites, 30375 Plymouth Road. The event will begin at 6:00 PM with the program beginning at 7:00 PM.  Appetizers and refreshments provided. Cash bar available.

Bruce says, "Please consider donating to help support The Bruce 4 Mayor Campaign. This is a campaign by the people and for the people. We would appreciate any contributions made by you, the people! You have the option of bringing a personal check or making a donation via our website."

Rob Donovic for Livonia City Council May 22

Join Rob on Wednesday, May 22nd, at 7:30, for Coffee and Conversation at the Schoolcraft Road Panera Bread. Rob says that he is  "running for Livonia City Council and believe it's important to talk to residents and learn more about our community and coffee hours are great for informal discussion.  I will be doing this twice a month--An AM and PM coffee hours."

Scott Bahr for Livonia City Council May 22
Join the Scott Bahr for re-election to City Council at his campaign kick-off breakfast. This event, at Andiamo Livonia is set for Wednesday, May 22, 7:30 - 9:00. A free will donation is appreciated and may be brought to the event. RSVP at

Brandon McCullough for Livonia City Council May 23

The McCullough Campaign Fundraiser is set!  Mark your calendars for Thursday, May 23rd @ Wintergarden Tavern from 5:00pm-7:00pm

Brandon says that they "are raising funds to cover expenses such as; yard signs, mailers, door hangers, and other campaign necessities.  Please consider attending the fundraiser and investing in Livonia's future."

Candidate Night May 29. 7:00.