June 10, 2019 
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Livonia Public Schools initiate public forums to provide 
information on the upcoming August ballot issues

To provide information in a variety of ways the Livonia Public Schools initiated public forums to answer questions about the August ballot proposals. FridayMusings has an accounting of the meeting provided by Livonia resident Alan Helmkamp:

I attended the LPS Informational meeting on June 4 regarding the two millages on the August 6 ballot.

Superintendent Andrea Oquist along with Phil Francis, Director of Operations and Alison Smith, Director of Finance provided information and answered questions, supported by a slide presentation.

Given the questions from the small audience, the renewal of the non-homestead Operating Millage took a back seat to the Sinking Fund replacement. 

Justification for the increase was the primary focus. For me, in addition to the standard replacement of "roofs, parking lots and boilers" reasoning, it was very persuasive that state law now allows these funds to be used for technology upgrades and most importantly, for school safety/security improvements. In these times, the safety of our children and school staff is particularly crucial.

The LPS leadership made a compelling case of necessity on both proposals, and they indicated that this information (but not advocating for a Yes vote, to comply with the law), will continue to be shared with the community in various ways between now and August 6. This information is already readily available at  www.livoniapublicschools.org  for anyone, including current candidates on the August 6 ballot, who bother to take the time to check it out.

By the way, Council candidates Brandon McCullough and Gregory Coppola, and Treasurer Lynda Scheel attended the meeting, and participated with questions and relevant statements.

FridayMusings has published, in their own words without editing, the position taken by the three candidates for Livonia Mayor. By way of review and at the request of several new subscribers to Musings we are reprinting the positions taken on the two millages on the August ballot:

Bruce Tenniswood, candidate for Mayor supports both proposals:  I have considered both proposals, and the following are my conclusions. T he education of our children is paramount to the prosperity of our city and our society. We honor the commitment and dedication of past generations of Livonians by our own willingness to support public educational opportunities for generations to follow. Without a reputation for excellent schools, the City of Livonia would struggle to attract the young families that breathe new life into our community.

The operating millage renewal proposal is a basic element of school funding that is essential to keeping a viable public educational system.

The sinking fund millage proposal is a replacement/increase to the fund that maintains the physical structures and a narrow range of necessary improvements. This proposal reflects the reality that as our schools age, costs to maintain and improve them increase.

Both ballot proposals are appropriate measures and reasonable requests. I wholeheartedly support their passage.

Karen Smith and Maureen Brosnan Maureen Miller Brosnan, candidate for Mayor supports both proposals:  I encourage Livonia residents to join me in voting "yes" to renew both funding proposals for Livonia Public Schools.  Our most powerful resource is the next generation. Investing in that resource will always pay off. I believe one of the best investments I can make as a parent and taxpayer is in a proven school system.  
A yes vote on the renewal of the non-homestead property millage means Livonia won't be left behind and will continue to receive our share of matching State funds.  With those funds in place Livonia Public Schools will continue to rank among the top performing districts in the state.

A yes vote on the second proposal to replace the sinking fund will do more than take care of roofs, boilers and other building repairs.  A yes vote will advance the technology infrastructure critical to the 14,200 students in our district. As the former executive director of the Michigan Venture Capital Association I travelled to China to speak with ambassadors from China, Canada and Israel.  We discussed where the next generation of talent is coming from and what they will need to succeed. Access to technology topped the list.

So, for me, the high return on my investment makes it easy to vote yes.  I invite you to join me, and on August 6 vote yes to secure the future for tomorrow's bright minds today.  

Laura Toy, candidate for Mayor supports one proposal and is non- committal  on the second:  I support the non-homestead operating millage renewal. This is not a new tax and is essential funding for LPS and is used by districts across our state as an important source of operating revenue. As a business owner in Livonia, we pay this tax to support our local schools.

I will look forward to learning more about the sinking fund renewal proposal from LPS. As a homeowner and a business owner, I am concerned about the increase in this millage as part of the renewal (1.6 mills versus the current 1.1142 - a 43% increase). I supported the previous sinking fund millage to ensure our school facilities were kept up-to-date, but it seems many projects have been completed in recent years including building upgrades, enhanced security, upgraded technology, and the new Performing Arts Centers at each of our high schools. LPS will need to provide information to the voters of what the need is not only for the renewal of this millage, but for the increase as well.

Rotary AM Club Fun Run is all set for Spree 69. Register now and see you June 30.

It's almost time for Livonia Spree!! Make sure you sign up for the Livonia AM Rotary Spree Run! There is a 5K Run/Walk and a 1 Mile Fun Run. 

The Livonia AM Rotary Livonia Spree 5K Run and Spree Fun Run takes place on Sunday, June 30. The 5K begins at 9 a.m. and the 1 Mile Fun Run begins at 8:30 a.m.

Registration fees are:
$40 for the 5K until Friday, June 28; $45 on the day of the race
$15 for the Fun Run until Friday, June 28; $20 on the day of the race

Registration will include free entry to "Spree 69" Pancakes Brunch and come by for the Late Night Fireworks with your family.  There are also prizes for best costume. All guests and runners are encouraged to wear red, white, and blue. It is not required though.  

Click here for registration.  Your registration helps the AM Rotary with great community projects! 

Golfing blended with the arts blended with history. Now that makes for a great day.
The Livonia Symphony Orchestra kicked off this June weekend with the 28th Annual Chip in for the Arts Bob Bennett  Memorial Classic Golf Outing. And what a day it was. 108 golfers. Over 55 community sponsors. Dozens of volunteers. And of course there had to be musicians serenading the golfers as they came off the course and headed to the luncheon/

Elected officials and candidates were in abundance with Mayor Dennis Wright, Clerk Susan Nash, Treasurer Lynda Scheel, councilman Brian Meakin, councilwoman Laura Toy, candidates Gregory Coppola and Jim Davis. 

Chairwoman Charlie Mahoney along with Symphony President Robin Whitfield thanked all the golfers, acknowledging chief sponsor Bob Hardies. Past President of the Symphony Rose Kachnowski continued her strong support of the symphony along with board member Carol Bonamici.

Charlie Mahoney offers up a "Thanks to all the sponsors, volunteers, golfers, musicians and Fox Creek staff who made this event a success. Mark your calendars for June 12 2020."
Jim Davis shared the sentiments of all those in attendancce,  "What a beautiful day for the LSO fund raising event at the Bob Bennett Golf Classic!! Could not have been better!"

Board member Susan Parker Stewart: commented that "the weather was fabulous and everyone was in good spirits. I join my fellow LSO board members in working to make this event better each year! Proceeds go to support the LSO so please join us next time!"

The Arts are alive and flourishing in Livonia and on this day golfing for the arts is added to the list of successful blending of arts and leisure. 
Oh yes, and remembering the Mayor who made arts one of his main priorities. 
Thank you Charlie Mahoney for continuing to chair this outstanding event every year.

Cinematic Art expands in Livonia with the introduction of Fathom Events \ at the Phoenix Theatre

Readers of Musings are responding positively to the Fathom Events. Here is a note received from Livonia's 
former  State Representative Lyn Bankes:  Went yesterday to see Saving Private Ryan. Going to see Forest Gump and Kinky Boots.  The Coming Attractions  said Shawshank Redemption is coming soon.  Please print more of the schedule.

Rifftrax Live! Star Raiders
June 11 - 7:30pm
Free Trip to Egypt
June 12 - 6:15pm
Field of Dreams 30 th Anniversary (1989)
June 16 - 1:00pm
June 16 - 4:00pm
June 18 - 4:00pm
June 18 - 7:00pm
June 19 - 6:30pm
The Met Opera: Romeo et Juliett - Summer Encore
June 19 - 1:00pm
June 19 - 7:00pm
Forest Gump 25 th Anniversary (1994)
June 23 - 3:00pm
June 23 - 7:00pm
June 25 - 3:00pm
June 25 - 7:00pm
Kinky Boots the Musical
June 25 - 7:00pm
June 29 - 12:55pm
The Met Opera: La Boheme - Summer Encore
June 26 - 1:00pm
June 26 - 7:00pm
Click on this image for all movie times

Election Season in our Hometown

Livonia Board of Education
The Livonia schools will have two proposals on the ballot in August. The first is a renewal millage. The second is a sinking fund proposal.  Both proposals were e ndorsed by FridayMusings on May 31st.

City of Livonia
Mayor primary in August
Top two nominated for general election in November. You may vote for one of the following three:

Laura Toy 

Bruce Tenniswood 

Maureen Miller Brosnan 

City Council primary election in August
Top eight nominated for general election in November
Four to be elected. Top three for 4-year term. 
The 4th for a 2-year term. 

You may vote for up to 4 of the following 12:

Scott Bahr              
Gerald Perez

Robert Donovic 
Eileen McDonnell

Campaign websites or campaign facebook pages are listed where identified for each candidate.
Send your calendar notices to  rwilliamjoyner@gmail.com

June in Livonia

June 13 @ 5:45-7:00 & 7:00 - 9:00
Ice Cream followed by Patriotic & Pops
Kirksey Recreation Center

June 22 @  10:00 - 12:30
Democratic Party Precinct Delegate training

June 22 @ 10:00 - 4:00
Friends of Greenmead Garden Walk

June 25 - 30
Livonia Spree 69
Happy Birthday Livonia !

June 27 @ 7:30 - 9:00
Maureen Miller Brosnan Race for Mayor

July in Livonia
July 11 - August 29
Every Thursday 
Music From The Heart
Livonia City Hall Back Porch

July 20 - August 3

July 27 @ 10:00 - 2:00
Touch a Truck @  Greenmead 

August in Livonia
August 17 @ 11:00 - 3:00
Campus of City Hall

September in Livonia
September 15 @ 1:00 - 4:00

September 28 @ 10:00 - 6:00
Guns and Gowns @ Greenmead

October in Livonia
October 3 @ 7:00
Hall of Fame 2013
Hall of Fame 2013 
Musings readers are interested in the upcoming contested campaign for Livonia Mayor. We check in to a recent facebook posting to see what they are up to in the world of retail politics--being out in public meeting people.

Laura Toy: Yesterday was perfect weather for the Motor City Irish Fest at Greenmead! It was a pleasure presenting Mr. French (the baker) an honor from Mayor Wright and the Livonia City Council. He has done such outstanding work helping to coordinate this beautiful event for so many years. 

 Bruce Tenniswood: What a weekend in Livonia! The car show at Wilson Barn was a huge hit! Nice job to everyone that made it happen!

Maureen Miller Brosnan:  Soul Food Sunday started today at Greenmead where the Motor City Irish Festival began the day with Mass. Special thanks to Kathleen Dewan O'Neill host of Detroit Irish Radio AM690 who invited me to help kick off today's show. Then it was over to the Alexander Blue House for Greenmead's first Irish Tea. Special thanks to Maureen Casey and Friends of Greenmead for your hospitality.

Partnerships work. None better than the Livonia Symphony Orchestra when they host the 
28th Annual "Chip In For the Arts" 
The Bob Bennett Memorial Classic

Now this is a special list of community sponsors. Congratulations to the Livonia Symphony for the outstanding outreach to involve so many. Thanks to theses community organizations, businesses and individuals for standing up to support the arts in Livonia.

And when that support comes from England you know that you have a world class symphony. Nigel Travis has been the owner of the Leyton Orient Football Club.since June, 2017.  In 2008, Travis was hired by  Dunkin' Brands  to lead as its CEO.   During Travis's time at Dunkin' Brands, the company added 3,300 new  Dunkin' Donuts  and  Baskin-Robbins  shops. 

The Symphony golf outing is sponsored each year by Bob Hardies/Financial & Portfolio Advisors and new this year is the Leyton Orient Football Club. 

While you enjoy Summer, some will be getting ready for Fall.

It's official.  Thanks to the sponsorship of the Livonia YMCA and in coordination with our Livonia Parks and Recreation, in partnership with the Community Financial  Credit Union, Alpha USA, Rotary AM Club and F&PA/Bob Hardies Year Three of Livonia's Good Old-fashioned Neighborhood Corn Roast is on the way toward another successful year.  

And we will have the Livonia Civic Chorus along with the Livonia Youth Symphony on hand as well providing entertainment.

Year three.  This year all the families who moved into Livonia since November 1, 2018 will receive not one but two invitations. Save the date on August 15 and You are Invited on September 5.

This year every organization that will be participating--and we had 25 last year--will be included on the mailings.

And yes indeed. Corn on the cob once again will be served up for your enjoyment.

Mark your calendar. September 15 is just around the corner.  If your organization wants to participate simply click here.

Come on down. Audition for a summer musical workshop.

Campaign events scheduled for our Livonia candidates 

Kathleen McIntyre for City Council
Rob Donovic for City Council
Maureen Miller Brosnan for Mayor
Chamber of Commerce Mayoral primary forum
Livonia Democratic Club candidate night

Candidates are out and about Livonia

FridayMusings will continue to post campaign events and fundraisers for candidates seeking office this year in Livonia. We have over the past month posted announcements from Bruce Tenniswood, Laura Toy, Gregory Coppola, Brandon McCullough, Jim Davis, Robert Donovic,  the Livonia Republican Club. As long as the announcements are shared with Musings  they will be shared with our readers.

Kathleen McIntyre for Livonia City Council June 20

Rob Donovic candidate for Livonia City Council June 20

Join Rob for coffee and conversation from 7:00-8:00pm on June 20th at the Schoolcraft/Merriman Panera Bread 

Maureen Miller Brosnan candidate for Livonia Mayor June 27

This breakfast fundraiser will help fuel the Brosnan campaign into the fall, and it is a great opportunity to connect with supporters from across our community.

You won't want to miss the chance to tour the 30,000 sq. ft. facility that houses a wide variety of displays, artifacts, memorabilia, and vehicles and is dedicated to the preservation of Roush Industries' heritage as one of Livonia's most prominent corporate citizens.

Click on image for link to RSVP

Livonia Chamber of Commerce Candidate Forum July 17
7:00 - 9:00 Bennett Civic Center Library

Livonia Democratic Club Candidate Night July 25