September 4, 2019 
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Absentee Ballots ready to be mailed in three weeks. September 25th.
Time to take a look at our two candidates running for Mayor. Laura Toy and Maureen Brosnan.

Maureen with her three children

I'm running to be your mayor because I'm a tested leader prepared to work with you to assure our city reaches its unbelievable potential.  I will roll up my sleeves and work hard to continue to cultivate Livonia as a highly respected community where people take pride in raising their families and growing their businesses. 

Earlier this year residents collected signatures on a printed and online petition encouraging me to lead Michigan's ninth largest city as its first female mayor.  In addition to collecting over 800 signatures they collected the thoughts and priorities of Livonia residents.  I am excited about the opportunity to use my 30 years of experience leading non-profit organizations and boards to tackle the tough problems identified by residents like fixing our roads and nurturing a healthier city, to protecting our environment and parks, and building a more vibrant economy.  There's work to do to secure our community's future, and I'm prepared to do it.

As a candidate here's what I bring to the table. I'll be a:

Visionary and strategic leader.  In my former role as the Executive Director of the Michigan Venture Capital Association I put Michigan's $3.5 billion industry on the map and travelled throughout the country and around the world to encourage investment in Michigan's bright and talented entrepreneurs.  During my time at the helm of the association Michigan's investors boasted a record-breaking year of funding entrepreneurs.  I know how to get things done and I look forward getting them done with you.

Dedicated collaborator.  Connecting the dots, creating opportunities and looking for innovative solutions to complex problems are at the heart of the work I am currently doing as the Interim CEO of Catholic Charities of Southeast Michigan (CCSEM).  CCSEM is a $10 million organization providing services to more than 20,000 people throughout six counties in southeast Michigan.  I'm there now working with them to create a sustainable funding model and strategic plan for the organization as it continues to grow.

Fierce advocate and compassionate champion. You won't find a more tenacious advocate or a more compassionate champion for Livonia.  At the heart of my work is passion.  It's been there for 17 years when I served Livonia residents as your voice on the Livonia City Council advocating for advanced life support, a community recreation center, a bike path connectivity program, a new master plan, and so many other things that make Livonia a great place to live and work.

In a statement issued by Mayor Dennis Wright he indicated his support for my campaign should I enter the race.  I'm honored to have the Mayor's support.  Mayor Wright has done a lot for this city in his four years as mayor, but perhaps the most important of his contributions is his willingness to get out in the community, roll up his sleeves and tackle problems head on.  He didn't lead from behind a desk and neither will I.

I'm a life-long resident of Livonia.  I met my late husband Sean here at St. Michael Catholic School in the fifth grade.  We bought a house in Livonia's historic Old Rosedale Gardens neighborhood and that's where we raised our children, sending them to St. Michael Catholic School as well.  They are grown and nearly gone, but it's my hope that the Livonia we are strengthening will one day call them back. 

I believe deeply in this community and its people.  I enter this race clearly recognizing the challenges before us and am prepared to lead the city to its next level of success. We've got a great future to work for, and I hope you will join me in the months ahead as we work to win this election and bring Livonia the proven leadership it deserves.

Endorsements: Councilman Jim Jolly, Former Councilmen Mike McGee, Joe Taylor, Dale Jurcisin, Livonia Police Officers Association, Livonia Police
Lieutenants  & Sargents Associaton, UAW, Greater Metropolitan Association of Realtors, Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters, Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers Local 2, Michigan Building and Construction Trades Council, Teamsters Local 299, Schoolcraft College Trustees Gretchen Alaniz, Brian Broderick, Zoning Board of Appeals Tim Klisz and Janice Centers.

Laura with her pet dog Eva

Livonia is a special place to call home.  I know, because Livonia is my home.  And I am running for mayor because I want Livonia to be the best possible home for every person who chooses to live here.

From my days as a student at Lincoln Elementary school - where a stray turkey from Roperti's farm would sometimes make its way onto the playground - to my senior year of high school when I graduated as president of my class at Bentley, Livonia has always been a part of me.  A lot has changed over the years, but a lot has stayed the same.  Neighbors helping neighbors, a sense of community, great schools, walkable neighborhoods with ample parks and green space, a vibrant business community, and top notch public safety.

My father Glen Toy was officer number six on the Livonia Police department and my mother Eileen was a schoolteacher.  I learned early on the value of hard work and of serving others.  My brother Glen Jr. was disabled from birth and throughout my career in public service I have drawn so much inspiration from his life. 

As a young woman, I opened a small business in Livonia with my friend and business partner Colleen Siembor.  More than one person told us "two girls in a flower shop will never make it".  But we did.  Today, Cardwell Florist is still a thriving business on Plymouth Road, just outside of the Rosedale Gardens neighborhood.  It has been such an honor and privilege to share in the lives of our customers, on some of their happiest days - and on some of their saddest. 

Over the years, I have had the great fortune to serve my neighbors in Livonia as both a volunteer and elected leader.  I started as an intern for former Mayor Ed McNamara, who helped me to open the first recycling center in the city.  Our motto was "to wait is too late". 

Today, I stand ready to help shape the future of Livonia: to put our city at the forefront of the new economy, to embrace technology, to look at creative solutions to our problems, empower our young people to be the entrepreneurs of tomorrow, and to continue serving the city I love and the people who call it home.  In everything we do, we must remember our city's motto which proclaims "Families First". 
We must keep Livonia affordable - for our seniors on fixed incomes, and for new families who have stretched their budgets to buy a home in our great city.  We must be innovative and work with our schools and universities and partner with our businesses to move forward together as a city.  New development in Livonia must consider the input of neighbors and must help to support the property values of homeowners. 

To do this, we must set the right priorities in our budget, like public safety, roads, and maintaining strong services for our seniors and the disabled.  We must also support our small businesses and job providers to keep Livonia's economy strong and our business tax base robust to avoid tax increases for residents. 
Most importantly, as we embrace the future, we must never forget the things we do not want to change: our strong sense of community, our great programs for seniors and many recreation opportunities for youth, family-friendly  events like the parade and Spree, and excellent city services for our residents.  We need to continue to build on our strengths and make this a welcoming place to live and work for all people.

I am running for mayor because m y heart is in this city and I will work hard every day to see that it continues to be a special place to call home.  Please join me. 

Endorsements: Mayor Dennis Wright,  Former Mayors Jack Kirksey and Jack Engebretson Councilwomen Kathleen McIntyre and Cathy White, Councilman Brian Meakin, Right to Life of Michigan.

On Friday we will introduce you to the candidates running for Livonia City Council.

Corn Roast plans continue to be unrolled. See you on the 15th of September.  1:00 - 4:00
Two more Honorary Corn Roasters all set to join in at the Good Old Fashioned Corn Roast
Lynda Scheel, Treasurer of our great hometown, State Senator Dayna Polehanki are all set for for serving as one of our honorary corn roasters. She will be joining Scheel is serving up corn for her third picnic and Dayna will be at her first as she was just elected last year.  Make a point to grab some corn and chat up two of our honorary corn roasters. We will publish our full schedule of honorary rosters this Friday.

Robb Dzewicki, Knight of the Bald Table, volunteers to help and then Brandon McCullough joined in to offer his lounge chair skillset and then we found a hidden picture of his skillset with Greg Coppola.    Robb Dzewicki, Knight of the Bald Table, stopped by the Blue Plate to volunteer for the Corn Roast. Seems he saw that Rob Donovic was handling the pick up of corn and that the typewriter would be setting up a lounge chair to watch. Dzewicki volunteered to handle the lounge chair duties. When informed of this generous offer Brandon McCullough offered to be Dzewicki's assistant and help with the lounge chair. Having watched McCullough practice his watching skills at the Spree pancake breakfast along with Greg Coppola we may get this corn roast off the ground yet. It remains to be seen if the typewriter will require assistance to watch the volunteers.

25 community organizations are on board for the Corn Roast making for a great way to meet some great organizations.

Blessings in a Backpack,  Ian Clemons Foundation,  Rosedale Gardens Presbyterian Church,  Livonia YMCA,  Bob Hardies Best Kept Secrets of Livonia, 
Livonia Youth Symphony,  Rotary AM Club,  Livonia Parks and Recreation,  Livonia Symphony Orchestra, Livonia Civic Chorus. Barefoot Productions.

Livonia Community Foundation,  Livonia Jaycees,  Community Financial Credit Union,  Seedlings Braille Books for Children,  Livonia Lions,  AlphaUSA, 
Greenleaf Commission,  Livonia Arts Commission, Kiwanis Early Risers, Rotary Noon Club, Costco, Livonia Democratic Club,  Methodist Home for Children, Clarenceville Education Foundation,  Livonia Save our Youth Coalition. Author Lonna Baum

Livonia Community Good Old Fashioned Corn Roast thanks the community sponsors for joining the Livonia YMCA, 
Livonia Parks and Recreation and FridayMusings in bringing Livonia another fun event

   ' F&PA

Two good reasons to bring the film industry back to Michigan
At the end of 2017 Bryce and Devin Cameron brought out their first feature film Kid Brother with help from  Cory Jacobson who this December
7 days a week. Livonia Art in the Park.
in Michigan.  Now they are back and in pre-production for their second film aiming for an early 2020 filming date. In the past month or so, this film has gone from a hopeful dream to a fairly concrete reality, which is most exciting. 

They asked the typewriter to sit down with others to chat about Kid Brother. Watch it all the way through, 6 minutes in all, as the last 20 seconds made me smile.   Check out this 6 minute clip. Click here.   Then click on the black screen.

By way of introducing the Cameron brothers it is important to know that they kept the film focused on Michigan as it was a part of the plan when they started writing the script in early 2016. In keeping with that thought they cast the film from right here in metro Detroit with Tonya Hawkins, Peter Herold and Alan Longstreet.

Kid Brother is a film about a janitor's life that gets shaken up when his younger brother asks him to help locate their estranged father. A chance meeting with a woman
Cory Jacobson
Cory Jacobson
complicates things even further as the siblings try to cope with the past while confronting the present.

Cory Jacobson, owner of the Phoenix Theatres in Livonia, Monroe and Wayne at one time was the employer of both  Cameron Brothers which only adds to the local angle of both Kid Brother and the new film currently in pre-production.

Some of the scenes from Kid Brother were shot here in Livonia at the Phoenix Theatre. You should sit back and enjoy homegrown talent who with the support of those who appreciate supporting the arts in a film that started with an idea, putting it to paper, refining and defining a script, assembling the technical expertise behind the camera and the talent in front.

This is what we are missing with the state backing away from support of the film industry. More creative opportunities for brothers like Bryce and Devin Cameron. And an industry that grows up around creativity. It is the premise of the typewriter that art can be a valuable economic engine. 

Tuesday November 5

Absentee Ballots out September 25

City of Livonia  Mayoral Race
Vote for one candidate in November

Maureen Miller Brosnan

Laura Toy 
Cinematic Art expands in Livonia with the introduction of Fathom Events 
at the Phoenix Theatre
Lawrence of Arabia (1962)
September 4 - 1:00pm
September 4 - 6:10pm
Placido Domingo Gala
September 7 - 12:55pm
Margaret Atwood: Live in Cinemas
September 10 - 7:00pm
You Are Here 
September 11 - 7:00pm
Blink of an Eye
September 12 - 7:00pm
Star Trek: The Motion Picture - 
40th Anniversary (1979) 
September 15 - 1:00pm
September 15 - 4:00pm
September 18 - 4:00pm
September 18 - 7:00pm
The Game Changers
September 16 - 7:00pm
Rob Zombies 3 From Hell
September 16 - 7:00pm (Night 1)
September 17 - 7:00pm (Night 2)
September 18 - 7:00pm (Night 3)
September 17 - 7:00pm (DUB)
September 19 - 7:00pm (SUB)
The Shawshank Redemption - 
25th Anniversary (1994)
September 22- 4:00pm
September 22- 7:00pm
September 24 - 7:00pm
September 25 - 7:00pm
Friends 25th: The One With The Anniversary
September 23 - 7:00pm (Night 1)
September 28 - 7:00pm (Night 2)
October 2 - 7:00pm (Night 3)
The Secret World of Arrietty - 
Studio Ghibli Fest 2019
September 29 - 12:55pm (DUB)
September 30 - 7:00pm (SUB)

Click on this image for all movie times

St. Mary Mercy Livonia will host   Senior Fit classes this fall, beginning in September.  Senior Fit is a FREE exercise program for people age 55 and over that encourages senior adults to exercise their way to a healthier lifestyle.  The program features standing and chair exercises that build strength and flexibility, as well as improve balance and cardiovascular fitness.
Location Schedule & Registration Information

Livonia Civic Park Senior Center
15218 Farmington Road
Mondays, 3 to 4 p.m.
Session 1: September 9 - October 28
Session 2: November 11 - January 6 
Session 3: January 13 - March 2
Session 4: March 9 - April 27
Session 5: May 4 - June 22
Session 6: June 29 - August 17

St. Mary Mercy Livonia  Wellness Center
36475 Five Mile Road
(Classes will run continuously from September 2019 through September 2020)
Mondays, 12 - 1 p.m.
Thursdays, 12 - 1 p.m.

To register, please call 734-655-1310

Villa Marie
15131 Newburgh Road
  (Classes will run continuously from September 2019 through September 2020)
Wednesdays, 3 - 4 p.m.
Thursdays, 9 - 10 a.m.

To register, please call 734-655-1310
Send your calendar notices to  [email protected]
September in Livonia
Fine Arts Gallery the entire month of September
Bennett Civic Center Library

September 6 @ 11:30
Chamber of Commerce @ Vista-Tech Center
Emerging Entrepreneurs Luncheon

September 8 @ 9:00
Registration ends September 4 at 11:59pm

September 8 @ 10:00 - 4:00
September 14 @ 8:30
2nd Annual Cruisin' 4 Critters
Ride starts at Freedom Power Sports

September 15 @ 1:00 - 4:00
Livonia's Good Old Fashioned 
Neighborhood Corn Roast

September 18 @ 9:00 - 1:00

September 20 @ 8:00-9:30
A Little Night of Music featuring Alexander Zonjic
Greenmead Historical Village for only $25
Tickets available at Livonia City Hall

September 20
Emily Ann Griffin Golf Classic
Fox Creek Golf Course
Dinner at  Sacred Heart Banquet Center

September 21

September 28
September 28 @ 10:00 - 6:00
Guns and Gowns @ Greenmead

October in Livonia
October 3 @ 7:00
Historic Rosedale Gardens Presbyterian Church
Presenting Sponsor
Financial & Portfolio Advisors

October 12 @ 4:00
Old World-New Season
Livonia Symphony Orchestra
Clarenceville High School
Louis Schmidt Auditorium

Presenting Sponsor
Financial & Portfolio Advisors

Master of Ceremonies
Alan Helmkamp, Class of 2015
Terry Marecki, Wayne County Commissioner
R. William Joyner, Founder, Livonia Hall of Fame

Class of 2019
Accepted on behalf of Livonia Business Community
Charlie Mahoney Class of 2011

Class of 2019 Inductees

2019 Inductee Chuck Dardas
To be Introduced by Commissioner Glenn Anderson

2019 Inductee Seedlings
To be Introduced by Maureen Miller Brosnan
2019 Inductee the late Dominic Paris represented by Livonia School Superintendent Andrea Oquist
Introduced by Councilwoman Kathleen McIntyre
2019 Inductee Bob Hardies
Introduced by Treasurer Lynda Scheel
2019 Inductee Paul Soucy
Introduced by Councilman Jim Jolly

October 14 @ 4:00 - 7:00
Seedlings Annual Open House
Piano prodigy Avett Ray Maness/American Idol fame

October 24 @ 5:00 - 7:00
Rotary Community Spaghetti Dinner
Help Eradicate Polio
Christ Our Savior Lutheran Church

November in Livonia
November 1

November 5
City of Livonia election

December in Livonia
December 3
Livonia Phoenix Theatre
10th Year Anniversary Celebration

December 7 @ 4:00
Magical Fantasies with Livonia Symphony Orchestra
Clarenceville High School  Louis Schmidt Auditorium

December 15 @ 3:00
Bring a Little JINGLE with the  Livonia Civic Chorus 
Churchill Performing Arts Center
Peter Pan coming to a stage near you this fall.
Motor City Youth Theatre sets auditions this week.

Peter Pan auditions 6:00 PM September 5 at Motor City Youth Theatre. All school aged children (5-18) are welcome! 

Mandatory parent meeting precedes auditions. 

For more information, write them at: [email protected]

Senator Dayna Polehanki to host senior summit September 13

Culinary Art

The  official 
artisan chocolate of FridayMusings.

 Designed and created right here in hometown Livonia by 
Joe Gilligan.

It is his mission to deliver high quality chocolates made with 100% organic butter and cream with the finest chocolates available with his flavors varying season to season.
For more information check this out:

The Kindness Rally hopes to spread positivity through kind acts around Livonia September 21st

Kindness is coming to Livonia this September! And here is how you and your organization can be a part of this exciting Jaycee program.

On Saturday, September 21st from 12pm-4pm teams from around the community will enter into a family-friendly competition to see who can do the most acts of kindness in four hours. Teams are equipped with supplies, shirts, and a list of random act of kindness "challenges" that involve helping others and bettering the community. From cleaning up trash and writing thank-you notes to paying library fines, teams will work to cross off challenges and see who has done the most good deeds by the end of the event. Creativity is encouraged! Teams are also given the opportunity to come up with some kindness ideas on their own. 2019 marks the fourth year of The Kindness Rally, and Livonia is excited to be a part of it!

In fact, this project is a direct result of the "Jaycees" commitment toward community impact. The Kindness Rally originated right here in Michigan by Jaycee member, Susan Dials, in 2016. Since then, this event has seen tremendous growth. To date, over 4,450 acts of kindness have been completed through this initiative. 

The rally is free to participants! Community organizations, residents, and local businesses are encouraged to create and register a team of 4-5 people to participate along with the Livonia Jaycees. There are also opportunities to sponsor a team if your business would like to contribute to the cause but can not directly participate. It is very important for teams to register on Eventbrite by September 9th to secure their spot, guarantee an event t-shirt, and help organizers plan for supplies. Teams can sign up at .

The Kindness Rally is completely funded by donations and sponsorships. These contributions help us purchase supplies and t-shirts to make sure every interested party can participate. This year has seen generous sponsorships donated from local businesses and organizations, such as The Way Church in Livonia. As a not-for-profit civic organization, all donations to the Livonia Jaycees will go directly into the community through this project effort.

If any businesses or organizations would like to be a sponsor for this event, please email [email protected]. Your contribution will help us provide a successful event focused on promoting a more positive Livonia. We would be honored to have any support for this project.

For 2019, this event is a part of the JCI International 'Peace is Possible' campaign and the United Nations' International Day of Peace on September 21st. Though this
 project has a wide reach, The Kindness Rally is designed to make a positive impact on people and organizations directly in the local community. In Michigan alone we have 24 communities involved this year and counting! You can view all participating locations at .

During The Kindness Rally, teams use social media to showcase their impact and encourage others to pay it forward and spread the kindness. Like and follow @TheKindnessRally on Facebook and Instagram and search the hashtag #TheKindnessRally on September 21st to see all the positive change created during The Kindness Rally! 
There will be a winner from Livonia, and a statewide winning team, but the real winner is our community. The positive vibes from Kindness Rally day can be felt long after the event is over, so come contribute to the ripple of positivity we are making! 

For more information please visit or message @TheKindnessRally on Instagram or Facebook or @livjaycees on Instagram or Facebook.

The arts flourish in Livonia. Check out September 20th.
The Arts Commission is excited to bring a new music venue to the City.  And you are invited to be a part of this exciting evening right here in your hometown.

On September 20, 2019 the music of Alexander Zonjic, renowned jazz flutist, will be featured in the Alexander Blue House in Greenmead. 

 Tickets available online through the City website and can also be purchased on the 5th  floor of City Hall.  Doors will open at 7:30, concert at 8:00 pm.  Limited seating.  Be sure and order soon.

Livonia Jaycee Meet-up at the Claddagh
Everyone is welcome!              Feel free to bring your friends.

Update on the November general election
Jim Davis 9/10, 9/17, 9/24, 9/22
Eileen McDonnell 9/4
Laura Toy 9/5
Scott Bahr 9/17
Brandon McCullough 9/18
Livonia Chamber of Commerce Candidate Night 9/26

FridayMusings will continue to post information about the 8 candidates running for City Council and the 2 candidates running for Mayor. When we receive notification of an event and as was done in the primary we will post announcements 
without editing.