May 2018
Liz Bywater's Monthly Leadership Roundup
Welcome to the first edition of my all-new, monthly roundup!  At the end of each month I'll be sharing a favorite article from my website, an update on my lovely dog, Jefferson, travel updates and pictures, and an article I think you should read.
Meet Jefferson
Meet Jefferson, h e’s our newest addition to the family. He came to us 3 weeks ago from a local animal rescue. A remarkably sweet Doxie mix, now 4 months old.

Jefferson makes us smile every day… and this 4.8 pound pup surely keeps us on our toes!

I’ll keep you apprised of his progress and growth each month. Feel free to send me photos and updates on your pets and adventures; I’d love to hear from you!
Jefferson helps me slow down in a busy world!
What happened in May...
I had a great trip to London for Alan Weiss’s Super Best Practices, and enjoyed an incredibly valuable mentoring session with Alan Weiss, as well as meeting up with wonderful colleagues from around Europe.

I fell in love with this city and I'll certainly go back. I made sure to slow down to enjoy the experience.

I'm proud to share Alan Weiss' video testimonial given at the Million Dollar Consulting® Convention.

" Liz Bywater is a fantastic example of the rare combination of organizational development expert and clinician. I’m proud to have her as a member of my coaching communities."
Quick Reads

This is a great article from my colleague Andy Bass, we caught up at Alan's Super Best Practices session. He talks about how fear might be holding you and your team back.

This ties in well with my recent article on the right... What's holding you back?

If you (or your team or company) aren’t as wildly successful as you can be, it’s time to slow down to ask the question, What’s holding me (us) back?

Set aside time with your team to reflect on your Pivotal Regrets. Consider: Which of these has held you back? What are the events, decisions, or influences that have slowed your progress?

Have a topic you’d like me to address in upcoming issues of Liz on Leadership or in the Monthly Roundup? Send me a request and, as a bonus, I’ll send you a signed copy of my new book,  Slow Down to Speed Up…! 

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Liz Bywater, PhD