June 2018
Liz Bywater's Monthly Leadership Roundup
In this month's roundup find out what I've been doing in June in NYC, Miami and Newport... In my latest article on the website I share the seven traits of today's most successful CEOs. I recommend an article from my colleague Ann Latham on the 10 ways we communicate without sufficient clarity, and of course there's an update on my lovely dog, Jefferson.
What happened in June...
A month of exceptional work with my clients and their leadership teams!
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I'm thrilled to be heading to Newport, RI, to join elite mentor Alan Weiss and phenomenal global colleagues for Million Dollar Consulting Master Class!
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And, I e njoyed a few lovely days in Miami with family amid a full June work schedule.
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Quick Reads

This is a great article from my colleague Ann Latham on clarity in your communications. This ties in well with point #6 in my recent article on the right... Seven Traits of Success.

If you find yourself struggling with communications take a look at Ann's 10 signs and ask yourself h ow many of these signs you are willing to admit you exhibit? How about your co-workers?

Today's CEOs operate under intense scrutiny. When their companies act with integrity, serve the community, and provide strong returns, life is good. When profits flounder or the company struggles with corporate repute, it’s a quite a different (and often rather public), story.

Do you and your leaders exhibit the Seven Traits for Success? If not… what’s stopping you from getting there (and fast)?


I'm proud to share Alan Weiss' video testimonial given at the Million Dollar Consulting® Convention.

I’ll be speaking at the next Million Dollar consulting convention in DC.

" Liz Bywater is a fantastic example of the rare combination of organizational development expert and clinician. I’m proud to have her as a member of my coaching communities."
Jefferson Update...
Jefferson is growing fast! And his sweet little puppy face is maturing before our very eyes. Take a look at this photo to see the joy he brings into our lives each day.

Of course, it's not all smiles and snuggles. A growing puppy requires an exceptional investment of time, attention, and energy. Raising Jefferson "takes a village" (*a huge thank you goes out to the friends who watched him for us when we traveled to Miami!), along with patience, resilience, and plenty of communication (when did he eat his breakfast? did you take him out during the night? who will watch him while Mom is with clients?)

Is all this work worth it? We think it is!
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