Summer 2018
Liz Bywater's Leadership Roundup
It has been an incredible summer, with more to come! I attended Million Dollar Consulting® Master Class in Newport, sent my son to Andalusia with his youth orchestra, and enjoyed two phenomenal outdoor concerts (Philadelphia Orchestra and Dave Matthews!). I spent time with sister and Mom and, as always, worked with my amazing clients.

Check out my latest leadership article to help you relax and refresh before returning to the busyness of business. You'll also find an article from colle ague Phil Symchych on Six Hour Succession Planning . And, as always, there's an update on my lovely dog, Jefferson.
What happened in July...
Master Class trip to Newport. Slowing down to strategize and learn with elite mentor Alan Weiss and my network of incredible global colleagues.
At Del Posto with Mom and Lisa...
Slowing down to enjoy the Philadelphia Orchestra at the Mann Center.
A relaxing day at Spring Lake, NJ #slowdowntospeedup
Coming back from a client meeting in NYC, I spotted colleague Alex Goldfayn's best seller at the Penn Station bookstore!
Jonathan (French horn) performs in Andalusia, Spain, with the Youth Orchestra of Bucks County. These students demonstrate unbelievable skill and dedication. Does your organization build on the  collective talent of your people? Have you got exceptional leaders who bring it all together?

Quick Reads

Take advantage of the relative slowdown of the summer months to think strategically about your succession plan.

In Six Hour Succession Planning, my colleague Phil Symchych reminds you to consider the importance of properly planning your succession strategy to support your business growth.

A great application of slowing down to speed up...

Yes, there is always work waiting in the queue. But getting away from it all isn’t a luxury and it really isn’t optional. Take some strategic pauses (your vacations, personal days, quiet moments of thoughtful reflection) to be a better leader and happier, healthier person.

If you genuinely can’t take a week off in the foreseeable future, take heed of my three top tips to renew your energy...

Jefferson Update...
Winning hearts wherever he goes… attending YOBC (Youth Orchestra of Bucks County) farewell concert the day before their trip to Andalusia. They toured 10 days, gave 4 concerts and received standing ovations from the thrilled audiences.

Notice Jefferson's creative approach to feeling constrained by current circumstances… he chewed his way through his travel crate!
"Liz helped me and the team take a strategic pause, prioritize our strategic plan, and simplify our actions and operating plan.

She quickly uncovered the problems that held me and my team back and provided the tools needed to improve our communication, decision making and team effectiveness. 

We experienced immediate results."

John Cuomo, Group Vice President and General Manager, KLX Aerospace Solutions
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