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How do you know when to slow down
and when to speed up?

Lately, I’ve been fielding some great questions about my role as Trusted Advisor in helping executives and lead teams navigate change, achieve rapid growth, and create outstanding results. One challenge many clients face is recognizing when to slow down and when to speed up .

When leaders and teams take the time to be strategic and deliberate in the work they do, rather than simply going faster all the time, they get better, more sustainable results in a shorter period of time. And with fewer mistakes that they have to turn around and fix.

So, when do you slow down? And when do you speed up? Take a look at the brief video, above, for some targeted advice.

Remember, companies that do the best have a strategic future focus, in which the leaders cascade a culture of preventing fires rather than fighting them day-to-day . Once the entire organization embraces the slow down to speed up philosophy and approach, the impact is quite extraordinary.

The slowing down will get you there better, faster, with more innovation and greater sustainability.

Click on the video above for an idea of what it’s all about.

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