The Egret Corner
JULY 2, 2020
A side-blotched lizard found near Ballona Creek by Johnathan Coffin.
Dear Ballona Wetlands Advocates,

This is the first issue of The Egret Corner! We are thrilled to share our monthly newsletter with all our supporters and keep you all updated on our current projects.

Here are some updates on our current projects:

Although our school visits and field trips are put on hold due to Covid-19, we are still working hard on finding new ways to communicate and interact with the community. It is important to keep the community connected with nature especially during these difficult times. We, of course, are adhering to all safety protocols introduced for everyone's safety.

Currently, we are reaching out to community programs that may have an interest in learning about nature through Zoom or videos. We are also researching and planning ways to start providing small field trips while maintaining safety protocols and experiencing nature. Our new video series, with a focus on Ballona Wetlands, is one of the ways we are connecting to others. View Episode 1: Watersheds here or below.

Our water quality field research is undergoing new safety changes. We anticipate that our research activities will resume by the end of July.

Walter will still send action alerts and advocacy/litigation updates as needed. This monthly newsletter will focus on our outreach, nature education, and field research. The option to update your subscription profile is in the footer of every email.

Please enjoy the content below and let us know what you think of the new newsletter and/or if there is any information you'd like us to share by replying to this email.


The Ballona Wetlands Team
The Team
We are the team behind "The Egret Corner" newsletters and the Ballona Wetlands Land Trust's outreach and education efforts, we also led various environmental research projects: The Ballona Creek Infrastructure Survey Project, A Guide to Fish Found in the Lower Ballona Creek & the Ballona Wetlands and Ballona Creek Water Quality Monitoring Program to name a few.
Hello Wetland Advocates!

My name is Lisa, I started off as a volunteer for the Ballona Wetlands Land Trust in 2017 and came back in 2018. While working here I look forward to continuing to improve public access to the Ballona Wetlands and other green spaces, and improving public knowledge about Ballona.

In my free time, I enjoy yoga, cooking/finding amazing food, reading comics, movies, listening to podcast and being outdoors.
Hi all!

My name is Sofia, and I've been part of the team since 2019. I work for the communities of Los Angeles county in hopes that more people can appreciate, conserve, enjoy, and learn about nature.

Fun facts about me: My favorite color is green. I enjoy reading fantasy books, watching movies/shows, and playing board games. You can also find me in green spaces enjoying nature.
Spotlight: Diversity in the Field
In this segment we aim to showcase scientists of color, thus promoting and encouraging diversity and representation in outdoor and STEM fields.

This month we are showcasing Earyn McGee, professional lizard scientist and PhD student at University of Arizona. Famous on Twitter and Instagram for her #FindThatLizard challenges. Check out a brief video of what a day in the field looks like for her.
Earyn McGee, professional lizard scientist and PhD student. Photo credit and rights of Earyn McGee, Source:
Our Video Series
We are creating educational videos on specific topics with a focus on the Ballona Wetlands. We hope you enjoy the videos and would appreciate your feedback. Let us know what you liked, disliked, and/or how we could improve our videos. Thanks!
Your Contributions Further Our Efforts!
Contributions collected are used to advance our efforts to advocating for the greater Ballona Wetlands ecosystem.
The Ballona Wetlands Land Trust is a non-profit community organization dedicated to advocating for the greater Ballona Wetlands ecosystem and to facilitating access to this ecosystem for education, stewardship, and public outreach.
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