Inspiring stories about your investments making a difference in LCMS congregations across Texas.
Loan Rebate Check Presentation at Fishers of Men
On Sunday, August 4, Executive Director Becca Jones had the opportunity to celebrate the wonderful partnership between Texas CEF and Fishers of Men in Sugar Land. What an amazing day, full of reasons to rejoice!  

First, there was the Loan Rebate Check! These checks are a beautiful example of how your supporting investments matter to your congregation.

Congratulations to Fishers of Men, Pastor Wayne Braun and Associate Pastor Allen Bauer, and all the congregations who have received a Loan Rebate Check this year. Thank you to the CEF Reps, Jerry Lohr and Amy Benitez for the great work they do in promoting the mission of Texas CEF. Of course, THANK YOU to all of our investors who make this possible.

Not only was there the Loan Rebate Check presentation, but also the promotion of the new Rainy Day Fund. Isn't this an exciting and creative way to introduce a new product?

" What a joy to meet Becca Jones and have her present our mortgage rebate check as well as tell the congregation about the ministry opportunities available through Texas CEF. These rebate checks are a great blessing - helping ease the mortgage burden and make new ministry possible. " -Pastor Braun
Current CEF Building Projects
The Family of Faith - Miramesa in Houston, recently had three new faces in worship. Of course having new faces is always a wonderful thing, but these three in particular stood out because the two boys attended the first-ever VBS this summer. In addition to the outstanding childcare services of Miramesa Preschool, which takes place on a beautiful new Family of Faith - Miramesa campus that was supported by the Texas District Church Extension Fund, a weekly worship service takes place each Sunday. Families in the community have seen many blessings pour from the new building this year.
Expanding God's Kingdom Together
*For more specifics on terms, see the Offering Circular on our website.
The mission of the Texas District Church Extension Fund is to extend God’s Kingdom by boldly and responsibly assisting congregations to acquire land and buildings and by linking investors with congregations.

The information available through Extension Extra is neither an offer to sell nor a request to buy any investments. This offer is made only in the  Offering Circular  which is available by calling Texas CEF at (888) 951-1233, by writing to Texas CEF, 7900 East Highway 290, Austin, TX 78724, or by visiting Texas CEF's website: