GSU Locals 1 & 2 (Viterra)

November 15, 2023

To: All Local 1 (Viterra Country Operations & Maintenance) and Local 2 (Viterra Head Office) members


Conciliation Update - Viterra Final Offer

We can confirm that we participated in conciliation yesterday and today with Viterra and this afternoon Viterra presented our bargaining committee with a final offer to settle negotiations.

This final offer is from Viterra and your bargaining committee had no part in coming up with it. We don't have the written document from the company yet, we should receive the final wording in a few days.

What now?

The Local 1 Board of Delegates and Local 2 Executive Committees will meet separately to review the final offer and arrange for ratification vote meetings. The Local 1 and 2 officers will meet, separately, late next week or early the week after that.

Once the Local 1 Board of Delegates and Local 2 Executive Committee decide on the ratification process (meetings, dates, mail-in ballots, etc.), we will update members.

GSU will develop a report on the final offer and will have it ready for members to review with the final offer. Once that report and final offer are ready, we will have them available for members.

Currently, annual meetings and strike votes are happening. Those meetings will remain the same, and the strike votes will be happening at those meetings. We are around 2/3 done with the Local 1 Annual Meetings, and the Local 2 meeting is next week.

We still strongly encourage you to attend your annual meeting to hear the bargaining committee's report and ask any questions you may have prior to the vote on authorizing strike action.

If you have any questions, talk to your elected officers, staff representatives or us on your bargaining committee.

On Behalf of your Bargaining Committee,

Steve Torgerson

GSU General Secretary

Your GSU bargaining committee members are Local 1 – Jim Brown (Balgonie), Wilfred Harris (Carnduff), Shannon Antonenko (Lloydminster), David Barrett (Gull Lake), Dale Lysitza (Lloydminster), Broc Goodwin (Moose Jaw) and Travis Brewer (Saskatoon); Local 2 – Sheila Tran, Howard Wilson and Kaylee Kruger; assisted by GSU staff Steve Torgerson and Mason Van Luven.

Local 1 & 2 (Viterra) members will be the first to hear bargaining updates. Email updates will be issued to members before the information is released in our Tuesday Members’ Memo.

Please share these updates with fellow GSU members who may not be on our bargaining update or Tuesday Members’ Memo email lists, and encourage them to sign-up for updates by contacting their GSU Staff Representative or their Local representative.

More Information

If you are looking for past bargaining updates or any information provided to members it can be found on your bargaining page at or by clicking below. 

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