These three ladies are UFCW Local 455 members from the bakery at Kroger in Baytown. Collectively they have over 70 years seniority with the company and Union.

When the company forced these workers out of the Union negotiated Health and Welfare Plan and onto the company run plan, their medical coverage dived. 

Karen, who has a number of ongoing medical conditions, including long term effects from COVID-19, found that her critical monthly prescriptions rose from $40/month under the Union plan, to over $150/month under the company plan.

Missy, with over 34 years seniority as a UFCW cake decorator, discovered that her emergency diabetes medication went from $0 under the Union plan, to being completely not covered under Kroger's plan. The out of pocket cost for this medicine is over $300 per dose. Missy has a dwindling reserved stockpile that she hopes will last until the insurance situation is resolved. Missy's other vital prescription has risen from $0 under the Union plan, to over $200 under Kroger's plan. Glucose test strips, lancets, and other supplies necessary to monitor her condition are no longer covered.

At a time when essential workers are being put in harm's way on a daily basis, as they continue to serve their customers during a deadly pandemic, Kroger has shown just how little they value their sacrifice.