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Genevieve Loyka
Garden Stakes
Crystal Visions
Cleary Girls Candles
Eternal Flowers

Genevieve Loyka

Ceramic artist Genevieve Loyka creates pottery pieces inspired by nature - specializing in stoneware collections.  You may have seen her at the East Beverly Garden Walk in the vendor's area.


Not Confirmed 

We are hoping for garden stakes from a local carpenter, but this has not yet been confirmed.  We remain hopeful that they will participate.
Local Artists and Craftsmen Day 

Our second Local Artists and Craftsmen Day on Saturday, April 21st is just a few short days away.  We are very excited about the artists and craftsmen that will be presenting their wares this event.
Crystal Visions
crystalvisions Colleen has been making and selling her jewelry in Beverly for quite some time.  You may have seen her at the Beverly Art Center, or at Elaborations, 3033 W 111th St, in Beverly.  Colleen's jewelry is handmade and trendy, custom pieces are available upon request. 


Cleary Girls Candles
cleary Sisters Kim and Aimee began their own candle company, Cleary Girls Candles.  Their candles are clean burning soy, and come in several intoxicating fragrances.  My favorite? Little Black Dress.  We are showcasing them for this special event, but their candles are sold everyday at Three Sisters in Blue Island, and the Trinity Knot, 121 North Water Street in Wilmington.


Glass Art by Eternal Flowers
glass Wonderful garden stakes created with antique glass.  Discarded glass pieces beautifully re-purposed as durable, weather-proof garden art.  If you love it, buy it, no two are alike. 


Additional made in Illinois products will be Wickless Soy Room Fragrances from Galena, Illinois; and Pronger honey from right here in Blue Island.




Steven & Candace Carr
CARR home-garden-holiday
Everyone knows that shopping local is best for the community, but it's hard to know where and when to shop.  Take advantage of this unique opportunity to patronize local artists and craftsmen, and purchase very local products.  Please come, and bring a friend!

CARR home-garden-holiday, 2357 York Street, Blue Island, IL  708-824-9171

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Lyric Theater Project
While we have your attention, we would like to take this opportunity to ask you to visit the Lyric Theater Project Facebook page Lyric Theater Project and read all about them.  Don't forget to "Like" the page while you're there to get updated on all the trivia, news, and events.
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