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How does cancelling a credit card, paying off a debt, or having too much debt affect your credit score? Should I use fraud alert, a credit freeze, or a lock to protect my information? What are the best strategies for paying down debt? Learn all this and discover how much of what you thought you knew about credit is actually myth. Tap the image above to register.
Medicare expert Ela Venturi will be on hand to outline your best options and answer your questions about Medicare Parts A, B, C, and D.
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The Radium Girls by Kate Moore

Set in the early twentieth century, this book tells the story of young women who painted dials for watches and military equipment with radium-based paint. Their sacrifice is a story that we know all too well, corporations taking advantage of employees, unsafe working conditions, etc. But getting to know the girls, their families and the horrific results they endured following their exposure and their fight for justice will remain with the reader long after finishing the book.  

Masters of Empire ... by Michael McDonnell

When Europeans first arrived in the Great Lakes region, they found a complex network of allegiances and conflicts between fairly sophisticated groups who were far less interested in The White Man than in their own politics and rivalries. By considering the area’s colonial-era history from the perspective of the Odawa, who served as power brokers between the Europeans and other native groups but had their own agenda, the author provides a welcome change from the usual view that nothing much was going on here before the Europeans blundered in.

Claude & Camille by Stephanie Cowell

Interested in the Impressionists? This historical, romantic novel will provide a lot of background on how this group of artists met, became friends, worked and lived during 1857 – 1909. Mostly, though, it is about Claude Monet’s relationship with Camille Doncieux, a beautiful rich girl who gives up her wealth and family connections to be with him.  Highly recommended – your next trip to the art museum will be so much more meaningful.

The House at Tyneford by Natasha Solomons

The House at Tyneford looks at how people rebuild themselves when everything they've known and loved has been stripped away; it's about how people cope with unimaginable changes in their identities and circumstances, instinctively forming new connections with those around them even as they mourn what has been lost. This is what makes history - fiction or non-fiction - so interesting. The world changes, and people fall through the cracks. Somehow, most of them go on.