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Come to our Local Author Showcase!
We're thrilled to have six local authors joining us at our Local Author Showcase on Saturday, October 7th, from 2-4 p.m. And we even have a special guest star--Kathryn Otoshi! Click on the author's name or photo to go to their website, or on the book covers to get more information about their books. Join us for the fun next Saturday!

Kathryn Otoshi is a multi-award winning author/illustrator and national/international speaker best known for her character-building book series: Zero, One, and Two.
Her newest book, Draw the Line comes out on Tuesday, October 10th and makes a powerful statement about forgiveness and healing after conflict. Kathryn regularly visits schools across the U.S. using art and literature to interact with kids and teachers. Her books are local favorites and we're delighted she is able to join us! Please note that while her new book will not officially be available for sale at the time of the event, we can take orders and if we have stock on the day we can ask her to sign the book to be ready for you to pick up on Tuesday, October 10th--hot off the press!  

Nancy's Colorado-based historical novels for middle grade and young adults are used in schools throughout the area, including Hard Face Moon. Nancy will be celebrating the release of the latest in her popular Ruby and Maude Adventures, Trouble Returns. Find out more about Nancy at her website or Facebook page. To start a conversation with Nancy, ask her how she became i nterested in writing historical fiction for young readers!
Queen Quillabee 
Mike Hamel is the author of the middle grade Matterhorn and The Lighthouse Company series, and also a brand new picture book, Queen Quillabee!
Find out more about Mike at his blog or his Facebook page. To start a conversation with Mike, ask him about his hobby--ballroom dancing!

Stephanie's debut book, C is for Cheese, is a quirky ABC all about cheese--fun and fascinating for toddler and adult reader alike! Find out more Stephanie at her website. To start a conversation with Stephanie, ask her about her favorite cheese!  

The adventure in Aaron LaPedis' colorful picture book, A Boy Named Penguin, is based on the techniques his own autistic son uses to navigate the world. You also may know Aaron as his alter ego, The Garage Sale Millionaire. Find out more about Aaron at his website and on his Facebook page. To start a conversation with Aaron, ask him if he found it difficult to write a children's book!

Dale Lovin
Waltzing With an Echo
Dale Lovin
We'll have something for the adults, with Dale's suspense-filled series of thrillers featuring former FBI agent, Brad Walker. The latest, Waltzing With an Echo, was released in August. Find out more about Dale at his website. To start a conversation with Dale, ask about his former career! 
Melanie's debut picture book, Sylvana Takes a Spin, is the story of a "scaredy-spider" who, encouraged by other woodland creatures, confronts her timid nature. Find out more about Melanie at her website. To start a conversation with Melanie, ask her about underwater hockey!  

Shop Small logo
Looking forward, mark your calendars for Small Business Saturday on Saturday, November 25th. We have lots of surprises planned for this year's event!

For more information on any of our events, visit the Events Page on our website.
Something different...

Larry's book talk for book clubs last week was so absorbing that we, um, forgot to take any photos! Never mind, it's all about the books, and we do have a list of the titles he featured on the front page of our website. We also have a printed list with short descriptions of some of the books--ask us for a copy when you are in the store.

Heartfelt picture books
We love the picture book display in front of our counter--it features the new picture books we love above all others! Although that's a tough call with so many wonderful picture books around, we took a photo of the display last week which featured a particularly heartfelt collection. Many of these books, and others, are collected in a list on our website that we've called Beautiful Picture Books to Inspire! Picture books are powerful things, as this article by Kathryn Otoshi, beautifully explains. Join us on Saturday, October 7th to meet Kathryn, talk picture books, and discover her newest book!