Our Mole Valley District Council candidates fought exceptionally hard this year and achieved a great deal considering how COVID restrictions limited and cast a veil of uncertainty over the early stages of the campaign. While we were not quite able to regain control of the council from the Liberal Democrats, we did end up holding the same number of seats as before - and ran the Liberals very close in a number of areas.

As a campaigning team Mole Valley Conservatives are only growing stronger and more cohesive - and I very much believe that the solid showing this year will be a springboard towards more substantial successes in 2022 and beyond.

This year we held the following seats:
Bookham North - Sarah Chambers - 1148 votes
Bookham South - James Chambers - 1117 votes
Fetcham East - Lynne Brooks - 880 votes
Leatherhead South - Simon Moss - 877 votes
Westcott - James Friend - 566 votes

While the Lib Dems clung onto:
Dorking North
Dorking South
Fetcham West
Leatherhead North

I must take the time to particularly commiserate with Paul Purcell and Leslie Maruziva, both of whom pushed their opponents extremely hard and nearly claimed Leatherhead North and The Holmwoods for the Conservatives. Both candidates ran hugely energetic and determined campaigns and would have been an extremely strong advocates for these wards - I very much hope we will have them both back to secure two wins next year.

My deepest thanks go to all those members who worked so hard for these results. Thanks to the effort you put in, we have an impressive, united and focussed Conservative Group on MVDC ready to hold the Lib Dems to account as they bungle their way forward for the next year, and ensured that we are able to present a credible alternative vision for how our district can and should be run.

A full breakdown of the MVDC results can be found HERE