Happy Mother's Day from West Village Parents!
For many of you, this is your first Mother's Day as a mother. Congratulations for all that you do and getting through all the transitions, for better or worse, on this wild ride of parenthood! We see you, Mama! Make sure you take time to honor yourself and take care of yourself, and of course celebrate the little one that made you a mom!

While we hope this is a day of pure joy, we want to acknowledge that it can bring up complicated feelings for some. Please reach out to The Motherhood Center if you are struggling in any way. You are not alone!

Thank you to our volunteer moms who brought moms together in community this year!
SATURDAY: Expecting and new mom/dad meetup at Village Den.
Click image for details and to *register*
11 AM Saturday & Sunday:
Bugs & Daffy at Film Forum Jr $9/ticket
Saturday: Penny Jones Puppet at Westbeth
11AM & 2:30PM $10/ticket
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