Nebraska Wind & Solar Conference
Renewable Energy Series
Consumer Webinar for Residential/Small Business Solar
August 26, 2021 at 10:00 am CST 

This in-depth discussion will cover a variety of areas for consumers who are considering making an investment in solar energy for residential, business, and agriculture systems. Topics that will be covered include an overview of the investment cost, benefits and limitations of net metering, the value of energy storage in Nebraska, the utility interconnection process, website resources available to consumers, and potential financing and tax credits.

  • David Rich, Sustainable Energy Manager, Nebraska Public Power District
  • John Hay, Extension Educator - Energy, University of Nebraska Lincoln
  • Ron Rose, Renewable Energy Consultant, Nebraska Public Power District
  • Kirk Estee, Customer Alternative Energy Solutions Manager, Omaha Public Power District
  • Marc Shkolnick, Manager, Energy Services, Lincoln Electric System

Any questions regarding this session can be directed to John Hansen, Conference Chair, at, 402-580-8815 or Anita Scheuler, Conference Administrator, at, 402-304-2790.
Board Approves Net Metering Change
By Jason Kuiper, The Wire

OPPD customers who want to generate their own energy have increased options for doing so starting Sept. 1. OPPD’s Board of Directors approved an increase to “the aggregate system size limit for net metering services” at its August board meeting. The limit increases from 25 kilowatts (kW) to 100kW. The change accommodates customers who are seeking options in generating their own energy. The board passed the resolution unanimously. Learn more here.

Featured Solar Installation
 N Solar and Cozad Cut the Ribbon at City’s New
Solar Energy Facility

On August 17 the City of Cozad and N Solar cut the ribbon on a 2.4 MWdc solar energy system that will provide power directly to the city’s electric utility. The system is located at 2nd and Monroe Streets will provide enough electricity to power 400 homes annually.
Nebraska Solar Schools
We have resumed our project of offering NEED Solar Energy Kits to schools throughout Nebraska. With the remaining funds in our Nebraska Environmental Trust and Facebook grants, along with additional money Nebraskans for Solar has committed to the project, we are able to continue partnering with K-12 schools in our state to advance renewable energy literacy in the 2021-2022 academic year. The solar kits are shipped by UPS from the NEED Project headquarters in Manassas, Virginia. Click here to learn more about the project.

To request a kit for your school, click the following link to download and complete a one-page document: Free NEED Solar Kit Request Form
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Q: I want to install an HVAC system for my home and business. Where can I find more information, including incentives?
A: Start with your local utility and check out their online resources and any available incentives. Nebraska’s largest utilities' resources include:

Choosing a Contractor: OPPD recommends using a licensed heating and cooling contractor. Visit Air Conditioning Contractors of America for help determining the right contractor for you. Ask for references from home and business owners who have installed HVAC systems and check them out.

Of Potential Interest to Schools & Businesses: Geothermal Heating & Cooling: An energy source that lies right under your feet, by Laura King-Homan, The Wire
Renewable Energy Jobs & Resources
Google Search
An additional search strategy is to check for jobs listings on the websites of solar and wind energy companies that have installed renewable energy projects in Nebraska.
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Resources
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