Seafood Update
November 4th - November 9th
Featured Item
Local Flounder
VA & NC | Medium, Large, Jumbo

Local Flounder continue to be a great menu addition with sharp prices and outstanding quality. All sizes available as fillet or whole fish.
Spotlight Items!
Local Rockfish
Chesapeake Bay | 2-4 lb. fish

High quality 2-4 lb. Rockfish are coming in from local boats and are producing some beautiful fillets. Also available are 1.5-2 lb. Hybrid Rockfish often used for whole fish presentations.

West Coast Shucked Oysters
Washington State | 1/2 Gallons (4 lb.)

Fresh Shucked West Coast Oysters in half gallon units are available! Fresh shipments from Washington State will be arriving all week.

Mako & Black Tip Shark
East Coast  | Various sizes

Both Mako and Black Tip Shark are available this week!
Fresh Swordfish
Caribbean | Medium size fish

Fresh swordfish continues to run at a great price, and the quality on these fish has been great. Nice supply coming in for this week.

Wicomico Oysters
Wicomico Estuary, Virginia | 100 ct.

These large, meaty oysters are tray-raised in the Wicomico estuary of the Chesapeake Bay, cleaned and then hand packed.

Rock Hole Oysters
Rock Hole Creek, Virginia | 100 ct.

These oysters are raised in bottom cages off the sandy bottom of the Rock Hole Creek, a branch of the Little Wicomico River.

Anson Mills White Cornmeal
South Carolina | 10 lb. bag

Field-ripened, freshly milled coarse sweet cornmeal produces the open crumb and high floral notes that characterize classic black skillet cornbread.  
Seaweed Salad
USA | 4.4 lb. case

High quality seaweed that makes for a delicious addition to sushi!  
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