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   We truely are, all the the same canoe.
Aloha Friends,

A lot has changed since we last sent out a One Island newsletter.

SUSTAINABILITY  is suddenly no longer a foresighted concept held by a few, or a trendy 'progressive' idea. 

It is the way forward.

The health and economic challenges the world is now facing have transformed the localized sustainability conversation into a universal, global call for solutions that may very well change the narrative of the human story and its intertwined social and economic systems, forever.

While a global health pandemic encourages us all to become more conscious of the interdependence that places us 'all in the same canoe', the fact is that many of us are navigating very different waters - some much more difficult than others.

Prominently, the challenges of food distribution and food equity  are suddenly starkly evident. Who has access to healthy food? Do we have enough small farms to grow the needed healthy food supply? Can the gaps in the Food System be a visible, tangible catalyst for change? 

A potential silver lining of the COVID-19 crisis is that many who had never looked past packaged foods - and produce shipped thousands of miles to their nearby grocery store - are now really thinking about a common concern:

Where DOES our food come from?

In addition to the Food question in the time of COVID-19, the issues of safe, affordable housing, access to electricity and water, our need for cultural and educational enrichment - these cornerstones of Sustainable Living - are all being widely revealed as critical needs - and as tenuous vulnerabilities.

This is a time for brilliant human ingenuity. 

Can we change underlying systems to emerge a wiser, more resource efficient, compassionate human society?

The news reports below are examples of programs hosted by One Island and sister organizations that demonstrate sustainability solutions active right now, in Hawaii and the San Juan Islands. These community-based initiatives provide much needed services, can be replicated anywhere, and are beacons of hope for the future. Town by town, region by region, we can each manifest positive change.

Same Canoe Community  
Food Access & Health Education in Action
  1. 306 households served by Same Canoe Local Food Challenge CSA support since 2018.
  2. 500 households served through Veggie Rx coupons and education activities.
  3. 1,300 households served through SNAP food coupons.

CSAs are an Emergency Response - and make everyday good sense.

CSA produce subscription programs are exploding around the island as more and more people choose to secure their produce directly through local farms.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a solution that is scalable, flexible, and can rapidly divert produce once intended for restaurants to now reach home buyers.

One Island now host 8 CSAs serving 178 island households for 1,068 free produce pick ups valued at $30,000.

The 8 Same Canoe  CSAs that are operating in North & West Hawaii are currently open to only our Veggie Rx members enrolled through a health clinic, at no cost.
See list to right for other CSA programs that may have openinings.

2010-2020 Ten Years of Local Food Work

Pre COVID-19 CSA Pick Up

Same Canoe Local Food Challenge
We've been investing in local food access and education for over 10 years now. 

And ten years later,
Buy Local  .  Eat Local  . Grow Local
means more now than ever before.

We are currently nearing the end of a 2015-2020 five year Food Equity project funded by the USDA that has brought over $1.2 million in cash and matching services for food, health and education access  to island residents. 

In the Same Canoe have been: 12 health clinic partners, 7 farmers' markets, 6 grocers, over 75 farmers, and 1,800 island households under the banner of the Same Canoe Local Food Challenge.

Veggie Rx CSA

The Veggie Rx CSA has recently expanded to 8 locations and culminates this project in June.

Services are provided to Ocean View, Miloli'i, Honaunau, Kealakekua, Keauhou, Kailua-Kona, Waikaloa, Waimea, Honoka'a, 
Hawi, Kapa'au and surrounding areas.

Same Canoe Produce Coupons

Everyone in the CSA, and our SNAP participants, have also benefited from over $300,000 in direct produce coupon purchases.



Something Great to Celebrate!
Renewable Energy Innovations 
in Action - Thankful Families

Solar Electricity   Refrigeration  
Food    Solar Cooking 
Water  Pumping and Drinking Water

One Island's work in Miloli'i Village, a remote Hawaiian fishing community, is nearing a close and we invite you to celebrate the innovative accomplishments of the Miloli'i Village Solar Energy Project that have served 30 homes and community center sites.

Off Grid Solar Power

Solar Powered Refrigeration

Solar water-from-air Drinking Water
- A first in Hawaii -

Solar Cooking

Solar Powered Hydroponics

Community Centers Solar,
Drinking Water, and Smart Farm Hydroponics

solar fridges

Community Church Drinking Water

Note: Miloli'i is on a complete COVID-19 lockdown and no visitors are allowed. 
One Island is delivering CSA produce to them. Please respect their safety.

Extra Produce  on your Trees 
or in your Garden
 to Share?

More News
By Region

CSA is for Everyone

There is growing interest from many islanders to find a way to join a CSA. 

Great way to not just Know Your Farmer - but also Support your Farmer to help keep small farms alive.

CSA options you can contact to see if space is available :

Kona . Waimea





Island wide

Hawaii Tiny House News

A recent gathering of dozens of affordable housing leaders and proponents came together on Hawaii Island to discuss options for affordable farm worker housing.

Multiple break-out groups began identifying implementation
 barriers and proposing solution strategies - including tiny house designs.

Great to see the torch get picked back up and we wish them the best.

Home is where the FARM is!

See our Tiny House  slide show here.

14,000 viewers so far!

One Island
NEWS from the
San Juan Islands

A sister food access program called ONE CANOE is launching in Washington State in the remote San Juan Islands.

Modeled after One Island's food system accomplishments 
in Hawaii, the new project is a Veggie Rx multi-clinic program with Farmers Market, Food Coop, Grocer, Farm Stand and CSA components.

One Canoe offers: 

Free produce for folks with chronic diet-related health challenges

Online classses about food system, health, and nutrition options

Senior Farmers Market buying power

SNAP matching funds at the San Juan Island Food Coop

Farm direct purchasing and education

Helath and nutrition resources

San Juan 
M akers Guild

Sponsored by One Island,  the Guild is a new small business incubator founded in 2019.

The San Juan Makers Guild serves artists, artisans, food producers, authors, film and media makers, designers, manufacturers, and event/media developers as a support network bridging multiple creative industries. 

The Guild's mission it to foster and promote locally made products, increase public engagement, and undertake strategic economic strengthening. 

Inspiring Hemp News  from the 
San Juans

Meet Orcasong Farm - a botanical production and education center including hemp and CBD.

It's Happening!


Ways to Support One Island's Work

Our 501c3 non-profit charitable organization welcomes donations to help serve rural communities. 

We are currently raising funds to cover transportation costs to distribute free CSA produce to high need households.