Local Elections and Appointments Requiring
In-Person Meetings or Elections
Your Input Required!
If you were on the call with Governor Lamont and his staff earlier this evening, you know that they are considering issuing an Executive Order to extend the the deadlines and timeframes for electing, appointing, and nominating members of various boards and commissions which require approval or election at an “in-person” meeting or election, such as a town meeting or polling place.

However, they would like additional input before issuing the order:

Please let me know ASAP if your town has specific positions up for election or appointment requiring an in-person meeting between now and July 15, 2020, including board of education members, water or fire district elections, or other board and commission member.

Also, if terms are extended for incumbent board and commission members, what are the types of issues that they generally vote on during this time period.

Thank you - and thank you for all that you do on behalf of our towns and citizens!

Betsy Gara

Phase 1 Workplace Rules

For Phase 1, Governor Ned Lamont and DECD Commissioner David Lehman have shared the following guidance for restaurants, offices, retail, hair salons and barber shops, and museums and zoos: 

All businesses subject to these rules will be required to self-certify prior to opening on May 20. The certification system will be online beginning next week. The guidance includes detailed information regarding physical distancing, hygiene, sanitizing, personal protective equipment, scheduling, training and other requirements.
EO Expedites Process for Expanding
Outdoor Dining & Retail
In an effort to accommodate more outdoor dining at Connecticut restaurants and allow businesses to sell goods outdoors, Governor Ned Lamont issued Executive Order 7MM which:

  • Allows municipalities to expedite changes to their zoning rules or other ordinances to expand outdoor dining by suspending various zoning rules, hearings and permit requirements
  • Expedites the approval process for restaurants and other establishments that serve food to create or expand outdoor dining areas on sidewalks, closed roadways, and parking lots, although DOT must approve any application for outdoor dining on closed roadways
  • Allows retail stores and other businesses to obtain fast-tracked permission to sell goods on the sidewalk or in other outdoor areas, including shared spaces or spaces provided by municipalities
  • Allows restaurants and other businesses who already have liquor permits to serve alcohol with food orders only without applying for a separate patio or extension of use permit, however, outdoor bars that only serve alcohol will be prohibited
  • Allows private clubs to sell alcohol only to their members for delivery or pickup and also allows private clubs to provide outdoor dining
  • Makes changes relative to the approval of signage