CONTACT: Stephen Meyers, HRCP

May 27, 2022
Local Marine Safety Notice
Marine Construction Work Underway in
Hampton Roads Harbor and Willoughby Bay

NORFOLK, VA - As we approach the Memorial Day holiday and the symbolic “unofficial start of summer”, and as recreational boaters begin to hit the water, Hampton Roads Connector Partners (HRCP), the design-build contractor for the Virginia Department of Transportation’s (VDOT) Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel (HRBT) Expansion Project, would like to make boaters aware of marine construction work that’s currently underway in our local waterways associated with the HRBT Expansion Project.
As highlighted on the above graphic, there are primarily three areas in the Hampton Roads Harbor/James River that are impacted by construction activity: (1) the trestles leading to/from the Hampton shoreline to the HRBT North Island; (2) the trestles leading to/from the Norfolk shoreline to the HRBT South Island; and (3) a Mooring Area, marked with buoys and lights, located in the Hampton Flats area of James River. There are also two areas in Willoughby Bay that are impacted by construction activity: (1) a Mooring Area, marked with buoys and lights, located in Willoughby Bay in the vicinity of Willoughby Bay Bridge; and (2) Willoughby Bay Bridge where Safety Corridors and an Exclusion Zone are in place during construction activity to widen the bridge.

Boaters need to be aware of the ongoing construction work (including the presence and activity of barges, cranes, crew boats, pile driving, etc.) and exhibit caution when operating their boat in these areas of increased marine traffic and construction activity – paying particular attention to Exclusion Zones, Mooring Zones, and Crane Barges. As a reminder, mariners must maintain a distance of 300 feet from all floating equipment.

The HRBT Expansion Project will widen I-64 from near Settlers Landing Road in Hampton to the I-564 Interchange in Norfolk. The project includes the addition of twin two-lane bored tunnels, new marine trestle bridges, and bridge and roadway widening along 10 miles of I-64.

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