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May 27, 2021
Local Marine Safety Notice
Marine Construction Activity Underway at the HRBT in
Hampton Roads Harbor and Willoughby Bay

NORFOLK, VA - As part of the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel (HRBT) Expansion Project, marine construction activities are currently underway in the local waterways. Recreational boaters and others participating in marine sports and activities need to be aware of the ongoing construction work this Memorial Day weekend and throughout the summer (including the presence and activity of barges, cranes, crew boats, pile driving, etc.). Recreational boaters and others should exhibit caution when operating their boat in these areas of increased marine traffic and construction activity.
The graphic above shows three areas in the Hampton Roads Harbor/James River currently impacted by construction activity: 
  • Bridges leading to/from the Hampton shoreline to the HRBT North Island
  • Bridges leading to/from the Norfolk shoreline to the HRBT South Island
  • A Mooring Area, marked with buoys and lights, located in the Hampton Flats area of James River

There are also two areas in Willoughby Bay impacted by construction activity: 
  • A Mooring Area, marked with buoys and lights, located in Willoughby Bay in the vicinity of Willoughby Bay Bridge
  • Safety Corridors and an Exclusion Zone are in the area adjacent to Willoughby Bay Bridge

For the safety of fellow boaters and our marine construction crewmembers, boaters are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the construction activity underway within the local waterways, to be aware of and to avoid the Exclusion Zones and Mooring Zones, and to be attentive to changing conditions as construction work on the HRBT Expansion Project advances.

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