Summer days just melt away! Fall is around the corner, and we'll make the transition to cooler days, school activities and football frenzy. The real estate market changes with the seasons, too...don't miss our Local Market Snapshot.

Hello to the Dog Days of August! In this month's eNews you'll find dog friendly landscaping tips (in recognition of National Dog Day on August 26), timely reminders for home insurance, and 2018 Trends in materials and tile for your home. For fun activities throughout Atlanta's Dog Days, be sure to peruse our calendar of events and schedule some time to play!

On the home scene, if you have any questions at all about the real estate market in your area, I am always just a phone call away...and I welcome any opportunity to share what's happening in Atlanta's world of real estate!

Your Local Market Snapshot
More active market, fewer bargains

Year over year, month over month

Inventory levels my price range

The Real Story
Insuring One of Your Largest Investments

Are You SURE You Don't Need Flood Insurance? We've had enough rain that I've heard several stories recently of people who thought they didn't need it - and then ....

Encircle is a FREE app that makes it very easy to document your belongings and store the detailed inventory. In a crisis who wants to rely on memory?
2018 Design Trends
Velvet, Concrete, Metallic & Marble

Herringbone, Blues, Natural & Gold

Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams at Avalon - I LOVED this luxurious velvet couch in the store! Need help and personal service? Call Denise Huechteman at 630-862-9612.
August in Atlanta : The Dog Days of Summer
Is your lawn going to the dogs?
Challenges & Solutions for Pet Owners

August 18, 9am -12pm

August 26