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Offering Rays of Hope
Upcoming Trauma-Informed Training
Children's Grief and Loss: Opportunities for Building Resiliency
On November 17th Hospice of North Central Ohio and The Mental Health & Recovery Board of Ashland County will be hosting Children’s Grief and Loss.

Children experience many types of loss. A persistent myth is that they can “get over it” naturally as they grow. This training explores the impact of loss and grief in children and provides professionals and families with multiple tools to build essential “bounce back” skills. Handouts from the training will be posted after the training. visit
Suicide Prevention Walk 1k-5K
On October 22nd 2017 the Suicide Prevention Coalition hosted their first suicide prevention awareness 1k-5k walk. It was well attended, t-shirts were made available with a suggested minimum donation of $10.00, Others wore their own t-shirts in remembrance of their loved ones. was an all around beautiful day.

The Mental Health & Recovery Board along with members of the Ashland County Suicide Prevention Coalition are looking forward to next year.
Local Opioid Resources

Heroin and other opioids still continue to be a major challenge in Ashland County. 
The Ashland County "Target Action Group" on opioids developed an informational flyer and a Opioid Resource guide to assist persons struggling to get help as well as friends and family members of those struggling. These Resources are still available, and we are distributing them throughout. If you have any questions on how you can get these resources please call the MHRB office at 419-281-3139.  

To view/download the Brochure Click Here
The Opioid Resource Guide Click Here

Please check out ACCADA's new and improved website, Click Here

ACCADA's website has several articles about the opiate problem in Ashland County and their efforts to address it. To access these articles Click HERE.

Upcoming Events
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