By now you know that Democrats defeated the Republican power grab. But do you know how well we did in IB? Read on to find out. Hint: We did awesome!

Thanks to everyone who helped get out the vote and to everyone who voted NO to defeat the recall.

Screenshot 2021-09-24 8.28.45 PM.png

Here is a map of IB that shows exactly how awesome we did! "NO" votes prevailed in all of the yellow and gold precincts and "YES" votes only prevailed in two precincts, those in blue.

The data for Questions 1 and 2 for each precinct in the State can be found here. Below, you can see how each precinct in IB voted.



So, what does all of this mean? While the NO votes clearly outnumbered YES votes, the precincts that voted YES had very high voter turnout - much higher than the City as a whole. And though the turnout in IB was good, we were slightly below the turnout rate for the County, which was 49%.

The people of IB spoke loud and clear against the GOP's costly and unjustified attempt to recall our Governor. But, we cannot rest on our laurels. With midterms and local elections coming in 2022, we have to continue to beat the drum and get out the Democratic vote in every precinct in every Council District. Because, as we like to say, "When Democrats Vote, Democrats Win!"

Thank you again to everyone who made this victory possible and let's keep the momentum going and growing!