Information Regarding Upcoming Events

Chamber Members,
These are challenging times. While this pandemic is providing unique challenges for our businesses and personal lives, we have been tested before in different ways and emerge stronger. Now more than ever, we need to come together as a community and prove our resilience.

I'm writing today with some important updates on things that have been announced over the last few days, and while lengthy, it may not be complete and is subject to updated information by our governmental leaders.

All in person events have been suspended by the chamber until further notice, and our office staff may be working remotely while the Township Community building where our office is located is closed .

Election Day Delayed
As you are likely aware, in a late Monday night decision, the Ohio Department of Health Director Amy Acton ordered the polls to be closed due to public health concerns. There were many concerns including the gathering of groups larger than 50 people as well as many polling volunteers being older individuals.

Local Initiatives
The Colerain Township Board of Trustees met last night to consider and pass a resolution for declaration of emergency due to COVID-19. You can watch the 90-minute meeting in its entirety at the Waycross TV site Be sure to watch for that declaration document, which will be posted on the Township page shortly. Chief Frank Cook has also provided the following proclamation, which is posted on the Colerain Township Facebook page. I strongly recommend that you read this local directive and heed guidelines for preparedness of health concerns. 

Be sure to check out the Township site for meeting changes and cancellations (zoning, trustees, etc.) and volunteer opportunities in our community.
The Township leadership has also been in regular communication with the Hamilton County Health Department. There is an abundance of information on their website.

Schools Update
I am going to leave communication about the schools to Northwest Schools' Superintendent Todd Bowling who I've been in contact with as recently as yesterday. He wants to reassure the community leadership that his staff have the resources necessary to provide distance learning and distribute food to students in the community during this challenging time. He reiterated that the use of approved volunteers is being strictly enforced for health reasons and that they have the necessary financial resources to keep necessary programs in place; emergency reimbursements from the state & federal government will be forthcoming. 

Other local high schools have provided the following update:
LaSalle High School 
Small Business Support
The President announced loans through the Small Business Administration last Thursday evening. The Lt. Governor also talked about those in a recent State press conference. Here is a 
great resource page  that gives some highlights on this program. 

Here in Ohio, the Development Services Agency is helping to take the lead and they have asked that any small business owners who have been impacted, please send your contact information to the following email address:  BusinessHelp@Development.Ohio.Gov  and they will follow up with you. 

On Monday March 16, the U.S. House of Representatives passed some changes to the sweeping coronavirus relief bill to pave the way for a vote in the Senate as early as this week. If the Senate backs it, it will head to President Donald Trump's desk for his signature. You can read more here

Details on programs will be emerging in the coming days and weeks, and we will share them with you when available. In the meantime, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has an excellent summary.

Impacted Employee Support
Your employees may be impacted by the temporary restrictions.  Governor Mike DeWine's office also announced several initiatives to help:
  • They are broadening current state policy to clarify that individuals that are quarantined by a health professional or by their employer, are considered to be unemployed and will not be subject to requirements to actively seek work during the period of emergency.
  • This also applies to companies that determine it is necessary to temporarily shut down operations due to the current emergency.
  • Ohio currently has a 1-week waiting period before an individual can receive unemployment.  In order to expedite the payments to impacted Ohioans, they are waiving the waiting week so that workers eligible for unemployment benefits will receive them for the first week of unemployment.
Unemployment & Businesses
The Governor also announced some relief for businesses regarding unemployment:
  • Because they do not want to penalize individual employers for the impact of this outbreak by increasing future taxes, the costs of these additional benefits will be mutualized.
  • ODJFS will also waive employer penalties for late reporting and payments for the next quarter to assist employers impacted by lack of staff availability.
Bar/Restaurant Owner Support
While local bars and restaurants have new restrictions, the ability to have delivery or take out continue are still your independent decision. I would like to be a resource for the community to help get good information out about options to the community. More information about that will come shortly.

The Lt. Governor announced a temporary buy-back of high proof liquor products purchased within the last 30 days. The goal of this is to ease cash flow for bar/restaurant owners. Here is a  release by the Department of Commerce  that shares more.

Goods should be returned to the Agency where they were purchased. If you have questions you may call 1-877-812-0013 or email 

How do you respond?
The Governor strongly urged business leaders to consider your response to this urgent situation. Can your employees work remotely? How many? They issued the strongest call yet to have businesses encourage working remotely. I understand that many businesses cannot do that. If that is your case, what steps can you take to ensure the maximum protection of your teams and customers, and ultimately our community? It is clear there are no easy answers here.
As always, the Colerain Chamber of Commerce is working behind the scenes to figure out how we can pivot and better serve you during this time. I'm interested in hearing from you, how you're being impacted, and especially any ideas that you may have to help! My cell number is 309-838-1947.
Email me at

Please email with any notices, cancellations or changes in your business hours of operation, as I will soon begin publicizing information our members, would like to share.

Also, for our members who are dining, alcohol or food service establishments, please reply to this email with any closings, cancellations, or drive-through information you are currently promoting. I would like to create a directory and will be advertising wherever possible our member establishments' delivery, drive-through and carry-out options.

-Dave Moravec