Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, Pastor Jack Hibbs, urges parents and community members to attend this meeting to stand for parental rights.

School Board Meeting Announc.

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School districts across the country are attempting to unilaterally push controversial social issues on our school children in the classroom.  Parents in California are upset and are asking for a policy that protects their parental rights and respects all students and parents.   Parents and communities are becoming more aware of what's going on in the schools, speaking out, and the schools are, in turn, rethinking how aggressively they are able to push this agenda. 

This week, we are putting forward a policy in Chino Valley Unified School District that will place parents as the decision-makers when it comes to these sensitive topics. If enough community members show up, we can pass this policy, setting a precedent for the rest of California. 

The Parental Rights in Child's Education policy 
incorporates existing California law into local policy, which requires schools to provide notification to parents before topics rega rding comprehensive sex education and HIV prevention education are taught. It also provides parents the ability to opt their child out of receiving that instruction so that parents can instruct their children on these sensitive topics at home in a manner consistent with the families' beliefs. 

It also  recognizes that discussions of family structures, gender identity, sexual orientation, and harassment are also sensitive topics, and requires schools to provide the same notification and opt-out to parents when these topics are discussed as when comprehensive sex education and HIV prevention are discussed. 

We need you to do two things:

1. Show up for the Chino Valley Unified School District board meeting this Thursday, September 6, 2018 at 7 PM! 

Location: 5130 Riverside Dr., Chino, CA 91710
2. Contact every member of the school board and urge them to support a policy that puts parental involvement at the forefront of a child's education.

Pamela Felix
(909) 306-8259

James Na
(909) 315-1344
Irene Hernandez-Blair
(909) 731-2597
Andrew Cruz
(909) 472-7863 
Sylvia Orozco  Member  
(909) 721-1361         

Thank you - your action will make an impact!