April 2017 
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Stormwater Cooler Talk
Want more news? Visit the California Stormwater Quality Association's website for the state's leading news.  
Calendar of Events
Tire Amnesty Day
April 15, 2017
9 a.m. - 3 p.m.
20701 Highway 18
Apple Valley, CA, 92307
East of Dale Evans Parkway

Recycling Center
Monday through Friday
 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Saturday's 8 a.m. - noon
Victorville Recycling Drop-off
15164 Anacapa Road
Victorville, CA, 92392
 Faucet Fact:
Did you know e-waste makes up 70 percent of toxic waste? Electronic devices contain mercury, lead, barium, and polyvinyl chloride that can seep into underground water sources when improperly disposed.
Stormwater Shoutout!

Happy 60th Birthday to Hesperia's very own Joshua Circle Elementary School. Thank you for inviting MRWG to the party - we had a blast in our outreach booth!

Find a Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Collection Facility Near You!
Looking to trash your used paint containers, fertilizer, motor oil and more? Click here to find a HHW collection facility near you.
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From the Pipes...
Welcome to the Mojave River Watershed Group's "The High Desert Droplet" - your source for stormwater pollution revolution news!

The High Desert Droplet is an educational resource for stormwater pollution prevention. Each month we'll bring you local and national stormwater news, useful at-home tips for prevention, updates on MRWG's school and community outreach, fun facts, and more!

Thirsty for more, check out our website!


Science Gets Stormwater Savvy
Congratulations to  Madison Brown and Arayah White, MRWG's 2017 Top Water Award winners! Top Water Award winners are Science Fair geniuses with a project that reflects excellence in water awareness, conservation or protection.

Fifth grader Madison Brown is the award recipient from the Hesperia Unified School District (HUSD). After following the water crisis in Flint, Mich., Madison's curiosity grew about the water quality in the High Desert. Her project, "Is Your Future High School's Water Safe?" took a close look at the levels of contaminants in drinking water at Hesperia high schools.

Check out the article about Madison in the Victorville Daily Press!

Sixth grader Arayah White is the award recipient from Apple Valley Unified School District (AVUSD). Like many of our stormwater troopers, Arayah understands that toxins such as motor oil can pollute a water source. Her project, "Wave the Spills Goodbye," tested four materials to identify which would best absorb oil in both freshwater and saltwater. Check out the article about Arayah in the Victorville Daily Press!

Great job to these stormwater savvy students!

Have A Happy Earth Day, Mojave River Watershed Style

Earth Day is coming up on April 22! In honor of our favorite holiday, our team is looking forward to visiting three High Desert schools during the week to get students excited about taking care of our most precious resource! 

You can celebrate Earth Day too!

Join in on the Earth Day fun by doing one, or more of the following eco-friendly activities:
  • Take the Stormwater Pledge!
  • Volunteer an hour of your time to clean-up around your neighborhood or school.
  • Plant High Desert tolerant plants in your garden!
  • Have a competition with friends to see who can collect the most recyclables.
  • Check your car for oil or gas leaks.
  • Follow us on social media to get regular stormwater savvy news and water tips to share with your friends and family!
Eco Easter Eggs

Create the coolest, brightest and wildest eggs this Easter by making your own egg natural dye! After the egg hunt you can use the eco-friendly dyed shells for soil fertilizer in your spring gardens.

Follow these four simple steps from  the Good Food blog recipe  to create all-natural, non-toxic egg dye!

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