Seafood Update
October 15th - October 19th
Featured Item
Local Speckled Trout
Virginia | 1-2 lb. fish

Fresh Speckled Trout is coming in fresh from local boats and are about as pristine a product as we've seen. A tasty local fish to feature on menu's this week/weekend! Available whole or filleted.
Spotlight Items!
Local Rockfish (Striped Bass)
Chesapeake Bay | 2-4 lb. fish

Fresh 2-4 lb. Rockfish out of the Chesapeake Bay are rolling in and quality has been outstanding on these fish. Available whole or filleted.

Fresh Spots
Virginia | 1/2 lb fish

Local Spot just hit the deck today! Often prepared as whole fish gilled and gutted.
Haddock Fillet
8 - 12 oz. fillets | sold in 10 lb. increments

PF Haddock fillets, sometimes called scrod haddock, are a great add this week. A new item we are offering at SRS!
Fresh Mahi-Mahi
Caribbean | 5-10 lb. fish

Mahi-Mahi is a great add this week with supplies looking strong and prices down.

Fresh Spadefish
Virginia  | 1-2 lb. fish

Limited quantities of local Spadefish just hit the deck - a unique local fish to feature this week/weekend!
Sewansecott Oysters
Hog Island, Virginia  | Farmed -100 ct.

Sewansecott oysters have a firm, meaty texture; the taste, beautifully balanced with an initial briny burst of flavor mellowing to a sweet, delicate finish.

West Coast Oysters
Washington State | 1/2 Gallon units

Fresh shot of Shucked West Coast Oysters in half gallon units just came in and are available in limited quantities this week.
Squid Rings & Tents
Rhode Island | 10 lb. tub

Squid Rings only or Rings & Tents straight from Rhode Island are received into our facility multiple times a week to ensure freshness and quality.
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