MSC certified Canadian Swordfish!
Venezuela Crab season opened October 15.  We will be receiving out initial shipment for year on Monday, October 23
Prices will begin high but should stabilize within the next 10 days
Domestic and Canada Sword remains a great play and fish are the highest quality.  Look for Sword to remain a solid option for next week
The Mahi season is open and prices have moved down considerably over the last week
Tuna is a great buy right now with all grades reaching year low levels
Arriving tonight Large Florida Stone Crab Claws
Medium, Large, Jumbos available for the weekend

Bluenose Bass, from New Zealand

Trigger  from North Carolina. I'm told there is enough quota for another 6-8 weeks

Barramundi fillet, farmed in Saudi Arabia.  

1-2# Beeliners from North Carolina, season has ended. I have the last shipment coming in  tomorrow

Marlin from Hawaii

Wild Striped Bass is open and fish are coming from Maryland and New York

Check out what's in the oyster cooler!
Oysters in stock:
Oysters Locals (Virginia/Maryland) 100 ct  33036
Oysters Beau Soleil (New Brunswick) 100 ct  33030BS
Oysters Belon (Maine)  33035B
Oysters Blue Pt (Conn) 100 ct  33030
Oysters Breaded  33050
Oysters Chesapeake Gold (Maryland)  33030CG
Oysters Chincoteague (Virginia)  33030C
Oysters Choptank Sweet (Maryland) 100 ct  33030CS
Oysters Deep Cove  33030DC
Oysters Half Shell (frozen)120 per  33048  
Oysters Holy Grail (Maryland)  33030HG
Oysters James River 100 ct (Virginia)  33037
Oysters Kumamoto (Orig - Japan) 120ct  33060K
Oysters Malpeque (Prince Edward Island) 100 ct  33035M  
Oysters Mirada Bay 120 ct  33060MB
Oysters Naked Cowboys (New York)  33030N  
Oysters Olde Salts (Virginia) 100 ct  33030OS
Oysters Rappahannock (Virginia) 100 ct  33030R
Oysters Select Pint  33045P
Oysters Shucked Count  33046
Oysters Shucked Select  33045  
Oysters Wellfleet (Massachusetts)  33030WF
Oysters, Blish Point  33035BP
Oysters, Fat Baby  33030FB  
Oysters, Irish Point 100 ct  33030IP
Oysters, Solomon Choice  33030SO
Oysters, Stellar Bay  33060ST
Oysters, Sunset Beach  33060SB
Oysters, White Stone  33030WS
Oysters, Wildcat Cove  33060WC
Oysters,Damariscotta Rive  33030DR

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