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     November 6, 2018

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Welcome! This newsletter is dedicated to current studio and community events.  YOU are the reason we are here--please share your ideas, give us feedback, and help us grow this community of health-minded people.  Please tell your friends, family and colleagues about the studio--we appreciate your help in spreading the word and allowing us to serve.

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Group Classes With Open Slots
Pilates and Trampoline Classes 
Classes Run Six Weeks!

Get Moving Before the Holidays!

There is still a chance to register for a few of our classes; class prices will be discounted and pro-rated for new students.
  • Monday, Bellicon Trampoline w/Suz & Mara 5:15p.m.
  • Monday, Group Pilates Reformer w/Brad 7:00 p.m.
  • Wednesday, Bellicon Trampoline w/Suz 6:15 p.m.
  • Wednesday, Awesome Abs w/Brad 7:30 p.m.
  • Thursday 09:00 a.m. Pilates Group Reformer w/Franchesca
  • Thursday, Fundamentals of Trampoline w/Mara 6:45 p.m. FREE! Call to Register
  • Thursday, Bellicon Trampoline w/Suz and Mara 7:30 p.m.
  • Friday 6:00 p.m. Tai Chi w/Master Baylor
  • Saturday 10:00 a.m. Bellicon Trampoline w/Suz & Mara 
We thank you for your loyalty, support and dedication to YOUR HEALTH AND WELLNESS.

CALL US ANYTIME: (301) 952-1111

Free Introductory 
Trampoline Class 
Thursday's 6:45 p.m.
Starts November 8 until December 13

Interested in the Bellicon Mini-Fitness Trampoline, but missed the free demo classes?  Mara will offer Beginner Classes for Thursday's at 6:45 PM.  You must attend one of these classes before joining one of our regular classes.  To take a FREE CLASS, email or call the studio.  The trampoline classes are:
  • A great workout
  • A cardio challenge
  • A big CORE challenge
  • A deep detoxification for the lymphatic system
  • So fun!
Let's Get Bouncing! Call or email to get scheduled with Mara
Health Coaching Clients Get Cooking!
Susan Accepting New Clients Now

We are celebrating Pilates Plus clients this month who are in the Holistic Health Coaching Program.  

It has been an honor working with you all and watching you progress toward your health goals.  Go girls! 

Cheryl Makes Vegan Chile
Carol Makes Homemade Veggie Stock
Carol Makes Homemade Veggie Stock
Sondra Makes Chia Pudding

Our program includes:
Cooking Classes
Meal Planning
Free Fitness Classes
And Support!

Our girls are loosing weight, reducing medications, sleeping better and learning to love themselves though creative self-care practices!

Our 6-month Holistic Health Coaching Program is available to anyone who wants to reach their health goals with support.  Our support program includes a FREE Health Consultation.  Call the office today to schedule your FREE consultation.  Get support through the holiday season and start the new year with health! Be the best version of YOU in 2019!
Make Life Easy Tip:

Go Fishing With a Trusted Supplier!

I really want to encourage you to source the food you eat from our trusted suppliers.  We purchase our fish and seafood products from a trusted supplier, Vital Choice.  Ask Susan for a sample if you want to try their salmon, cod, or halibut, usually we have single pieces for sale, but the best pricing is in bulk.

It's super easy to order and is shipped to your home on dry ice.  The process could not make your life easier!

Product of the Week:
Susan's Divine Power Is In!

A huge thank you to Doctor of Chinese of Medicine, Tom Cong, for inspiring this amazing blend.  We call it Divine Power because its custom aromatics blend the essential oils of heaven and earth.  If you have not tried it yet, ask Susan, Mara, or Alex for a sample--it is divine!  Pre-order now for holiday gifts - supplies are limited.

Doctor Tom is in most Saturday's - to schedule an appointment with him, call the office.

Cost is $12 includes tax.

CALL US ANYTIME: (301) 952-1111
Buy Local Please!
Local Turkey and Beef Ready Now!

Pilates Plus is a preferred client for three local farms:
  1. Clagett Farm, Local Beef Ready Now
  2. P.A. Bowen Farmstead: Local Turkey Ready to Order
  3. Good Fortune Farm: Local Turkey Ready to Order
If you need help connecting to these farms/farmer, text Susan:  (301) 412-7081

CALL US ANYTIME: (301) 952-1111

Last Workshop This Weekend w/Mara!

Yoga Nidra w/ Mara Collinson
November  10th 7 PM Cost: $35  

Yoga Nidra, or "Yogic Sleep" is a profoundly restorative and healing practice. The process of yoga nidra combines mediation, intention, and relaxation to work at the most subtle level to restore balance by releasing excess tension and stress. This practice is the art of "not doing", taking your body and mind on a journey through different awareness techniques and giving yourself the permission to restore and revitalize your body on a deep level. It is said that 45 minutes of yoga nidra is as powerful as 3-4 hours of sleep! No experience is required, and all are welcome. There is very little to no movement during the practice of yoga nidra, allowing anyone with an openness to healing themselves to practice.

Did You Miss:  Susan's Body Rolling w/ Props Package?

Check Out What These Clients Said About the Class:

OMG...I feel great and I slept more sound than normal last night! My feet even feel better--fewer knots in the sole of my feet. When I walk, I feel lighter! Sherri P.

CLASS WAS EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stace P.

I feel amazing, class was worth it . Julie H.

If you missed the class, but want to sign up for spring, email the studio.  Class includes all the props shown here:
  • Foam Roller
  • Tennis Ball
  • Foot Savers
  • Physical Therapy Overball
  • Still Point Inducer
Sunflower Microgreens Soon!

We want to thank Grit and Glam Farms for supplying our greens for the past two years.  Their farm, located in southern Va. is quite a distance from the studio and it is not a sustainable practice that we can continue to support.   We have benefited greatly and enjoyed the greens so much; we are hoping to source the greens and eggs locally soon!  In order to support these local farmers, more of us have to sign up and order each week.   We hope that you consider ordering greens/eggs soon!  Wish us luck sourcing a new supplier!
60-Minute Massage Special  EXTENDED!


Ariel is extending her schedule to serve more clients at Pilates Plus! 

For November and December, Ariel's hours are: 
Tuesday 4-7 p.m. 
Friday 4-7 p.m.  and  Sunday 3-7 p.m.

Please email the office to get on her book!  We hope to see you on the table!

This price is in effect through 12/31/18
Liver Detox Group
Spring Registration 
Is Open!

We are so proud of our 15 gals that are finishing our Fall Liver Detox!  They have reported these amazing results:
  1. Weight loss!  The numbers are still coming in, but this group has lost over 50 pounds, and reported these successes:
  • Learned to plan and prepare meals for the week.
  • Sleep has gotten so good; had no sweets!
  • Started making smoothies
  • Cravings are gone!
  • Slept a lot more, less bloating!
  • Recharged and switched over to organic vegetables and fruit
  • Lost 9 pounds in 7 days, and can live without solve
Spring Liver Detox Will Run in Late March/Early April.  Cost for the Detox is:  $145.00.  We will offer early registration now for the first 5 detoxers, cost is: $100.00, includes your food and supplements.

Say Hello To These New Clients

Elizabeth Anderson, Morgan Anderson, Patricia Carrol, Edith Geddings, Demetra Stewart, Dorothy Romel, and Pamela Willis.

As always thank you for your referral of friends and family.  Our business grows  because of you!
Let us help you with your HEALTH AND WELLNESS goals! We are so blessed to have this talented team!

Customer Service Is Our Priority.

The Pilates Plus staff is here to serve you.  Please always feel free to email or call with your feedback. Our goal is deliver excellent service and when we make a mistake, we want to correct it.  We appreciate your loyalty to us and confidence in us.


Thank you for letting us serve you.
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Three Private Sessions 
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can not be combined with other new client specials.