"If you're gonna run a company and you don't use any of those resources out there, then you're not putting your oxygen mask on first. You have to take care of yourself before you can take care of your company." -- Chris Sweetin
Local startup takes lead in security training biz

“It’s my guys. They’re what makes us different,” allows Chris Sweetin , CEO of 3D Security Training Solutions . This unique value proposition has enabled 3D STS to bootstrap itself into the state’s largest security training company since launching in 2014.

Not bad for a guy who used to dangle from a helicopter pulling other warriors out of dangerous situations.

The 3Ds -- Detect, Deter, and Defend -- define the company’s services. The company runs a state certified training program, fields operational security officers and body guards, and has an arm dedicated to private investigation. In addition to Chris, the company has two other co-owners: Jennifer Sweetin (President) and John Hughes (COO).

Sweetin’s “guys” (who also include women) are often military veterans who’ve worked special operations or served in military law enforcement. They’re seasoned team players who are motivated, reliable and know their job.

Sweetin learned about team work, pride and motivation during his 20+ years in the military. He learned how to start a business and run it from programs offered by the Small Business Administration, the Veterans Business Outreach Center and SCORE Albuquerque. And he learned that a major responsibility of a small business owner is this:
3D STS plans to expand soon into four bordering states, and continue to grow. Expect to hear more about the company’s success as the co-owners build their team into a national brand.

Sweetin urges small business owners to continually work on their business. "With SCORE and the BOCs, that's my continuing education. That's how I know I'm making sure I'm doing it right."
Put your oxygen mask on first!
Photo credit 3D Security Training Solutions

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