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"He said to them, 'Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.' "    - Mark 16:15

Often times we have been asked over the past year how all of this has been possible.  We know we have good ideas and good material, but far more has been done than we could have ever done on our own or even imagined.  So, we must humbly admit that this is first and foremost the result of the amazing power and grace of God.  Some things have happened as miracles.  But, most of the time He has chosen to use His faithful servants to be His hands and feet.  Read below to learn more about the supernatural blessings that have come through faithful obedience and generous giving from you and others like you around the world.  
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235,804 Lives Impacted in 2017 Alone
2017 Impact

We stand in awe as the number of lives impacted has grown each year, and the number of countries impacted has spread to over 19 nations throughout the world.  Families and children are being freed from generations of illness and disease that has trapped them in a cycle of poverty.  More importantly, people are seeing tangible evidence of a God who knows them and loves them.  While we do not "count salvations", we know that this work has been part of God's amazing love story that has resulted in thousands of people turning their lives over to Him.  If you have not done so already, I invite you to watch the story of impacted communities in India as well as the story of an incredible little girl in Rwanda. 

Josiane (Rwanda)
Josiane (Rwanda)

India Community Impact
India Community Impact
....But Before You Praise Us You Should Know the Real Stars
We may be providing training and resources, but it is the local leaders, who God has called and equipped, that are making all of this happen.  They are going to the far corners of the world that cannot even be accessed by 4x4 vehicles.  Not only are they going there, but they are investing deeply into training and discipling people who are then training and discipling others.  Not only this, but they are contributing far more than they are receiving from us.  This idea is incredible, but just look at the data from just those who received seed grant funding from us in 2017:
  • Over 90% of the leaders equipped with Sustainable Med material were trained by the local indigenous leaders and not the US based team
  •  $9,744 contributed by indigenous leaders towards their projects
  • 40,000+ volunteers hours contributed by indigenous leaders
If volunteer hours are changed to dollars, the total local contribution towards their projects was $985K+ or 15 times more than they  received!
Sustainable Funding
We are constantly looking for ways to create sustainable solutions that will allow projects to endure for many years to come.  The design of every seed grant project requires this to be a key component, but we also r ealize that there are both some continuing needs and a desire to find solutions that can help further alleviate poverty in these communities.  But, we also do not want to keep on coming back to our supporters and donors to help the same communities year after year.  

So we have been working hard with our indigenous leaders to find solutions that make sense for their specific communities.   One such example is a Kuku Kit (seen below).  Chicken (or "KuKu" in Swahili) is the most expensive meat in the east African nations, and there is a specific breed (Kuroilers) that grow quickly but are disease resistant.  An initial investment of $455 buys the 12V egg incubator, material for a chicken coop, and the starter eggs.  This will yield an annual projected profit of at least $2,355, which will provide the needed sustained funding for the local projects as well as food and income for the local people.  

This is being piloted at a few select sites that have demonstrated high levels of excellence and accountability.  If these projects are successful, we will be offering them to more of our indigenous leaders.  We also plan to increase our collaboration with great organizations in the future like Hope International. They are experts in actionable micro finance.   
See the World With Us
2018 Zambia & Victoria Falls Trip
Come see the ministry in action as well as visit one of the 7 natural wonders of the world

Dates: July 11-22
Main Activities
  • Participate in Sustainable Med Zambia conference
  • Visit Sustianable Med partner sites
  • Tour Victoria Falls and local wildlife
Costs: $4,500 per person (Note: tax deductible except Victoria Falls portion)
Airfare ($3,200), Food/lodging ($1,000), park fees/tours ($300)

Please contact David Snyder (513-543-2896 or dsnyder@sustainablemed.org) if you are interested. Space is limited

Note: We welcome people to participate in our conferences throughout the world. We will also be in Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Ukraine, India and Nepal in 2018. Most of these trips have a total cost of $2,000-$3,000 per person, but only include limited tourist activities. 

2018 Conference Dates
  • Kenya & Uganda (TBD - late February or early March for about week total)
  • Ukraine (April 26-May 3)
  • Ghana (July 5-10)
  • India & Nepal (TBD - late September or early October for about two weeks)
Overwhelmed By Your Generosity
SMM Ignite 2017
"Ignite" event on November 7
$100,977 given or pledged from the 130 people who attended the event on November 7th.  This surpassed even last year's incredible total of $75K.  While many were enthralled by the stories and videos, we were still overwhelmed by the response.  Thank you all so much.

Due to this incredible response and some cost saving efforts and strategies by our international team that reduced $30K from our budget.  we only have $65K left to raise.

We are so close, but we need your help to finish the year strong.  

(2017 Budget - $335,000)

What do your dollars support in our budget?
  • Program seed funds to local leaders
  • International training conferences 
  • Medical scholarships for the future leaders 
  • Centers of Excellence (support and replication sites) 
What else can I do to get involved?
Whether you have limited abilities to give financially or if you have given and are looking for other ways to connect deeper with this ministry, God can use you in powerful ways!
  • Pray - prayer always changes things.  Join our prayer team.
  • Volunteer - social media, administrative, curriculum development, and more for as little as a couple of hours.
  • Network - Our India Director, Biswa needs an entire ecosystem of resources as he begins his role.  Key areas include: water/sanitation, power, construction, agriculture, grant writing, and medicine
  • Mentor - dozens of medical students in Ukraine as well as currently practicing medical professionals in African nations, India, and Nepal are looking for mentors to guide them in their development.  Size of the group and time is based around your preferences.  Sign up
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