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January 2018
The Eel River, Humboldt County
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Eel River
102 Years of Film
The Redwood Region has been used as locations in film making for over a century. Check out the region's filmographies.
View our locations video!
Watch our locations video!
Cassandra Hesseltine
Humboldt-Del Norte 
Film Commissioner
President, FLICS 
The Humboldt-Del Norte Film Commission is here to help with your production needs  and our services are provided free of charge. 

The Humboldt-Del Norte Film Commission is recognized by the County of Humboldt, County of Del Norte, and the California Film Commission  as the official advocate for filming in Humboldt and Del Norte, California. We are also a member of the organization FLICS (Film Liaisons in California Statewide). The Film Commissioner, Cassandra Hesseltine, is currently serving her second term as the President of FLICS. 

Cassandra Hesseltine became the region's Film Commissioner in fall of 2010.  Prior to taking on the role of Film Commissioner, Cassandra worked in film and theater.  

One of the many rivers that run through the Redwood Region, the Eel offers so many possibilities for film. From gently running portions with expansive, rocky sandbars to rushing rapids through large boulders, this river runs through picturesque foothills and groves of oak, evergreen, and redwood trees. As the seasons change, so does the color palette along the shore. Passing under numerous bridges as it runs through Humboldt County, the Eel finally meets the Pacific at a beautiful driftwood-strewn beach. Come see what the Eel can offer your project!
photo: David Baselt 
           Paul Dano and Daniel Radcliffe swimming in the Eel in Swiss Army Man       A24 
                            Kirsten Dunst on shore of the Eel River in Woodshock                       A24
photo: Rowdy Kelley
                          Jaden Smith runs along the Eel River in After Earth              Sony Pictures
photo: Rowdy Kelley
photo: Rowdy Kelley
Railroad trestle over the Eel                       photo: Rowdy Kelley
The Eel passing under Fernbridge (built in 1911)      photo: Rowdy Kelley
                                            Where the Eel meets the Pacific                    photo: Nate Adams
photo: Rowdy Kelley
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