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June 2018
Trinidad Coastal Land Trust Beaches, Humboldt County
  • Permit:                easy                       
  • Parking: available nearby (including for working trucks and trailers)                     
  • Catering:  available nearby        
  • Accommodations:  available nearby      
  • Nearest Resources:         available nearby in Trinidad ( between 1.7 and  2.6 mls) or Mckinleyville (approx 7 mls)                   
  • Nearest HWY:         Hwy 101 (.75 mls to 1.7 mls)
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Watch our locations video!
Cassandra Hesseltine
Humboldt-Del Norte 
Film Commissioner
President, FLICS 
The Humboldt-Del Norte Film Commission is here to help with your production needs  and our services are provided free of charge. 

The Humboldt-Del Norte Film Commission is recognized by the County of Humboldt, County of Del Norte, and the California Film Commission  as the official advocate for filming in Humboldt and Del Norte, California. We are also a member of the organization FLICS (Film Liaisons in California Statewide). The Film Commissioner, Cassandra Hesseltine, is currently serving her second term as the President of FLICS. 

Cassandra Hesseltine became the region's Film Commissioner in fall of 2010.  Prior to taking on the role of Film Commissioner, Cassandra worked in film and theater.  

Humboldt county has well over a hundred miles of coastline featuring expansive beaches, rocky cliffs, scenic overlooks, and plethora of rocks sitting in the waves. The Trinidad Coastal Land Trust manages some of the most beautiful film-friendly beaches on the North Coast. We're featuring three of their properties this month: Houda Point Beach, Luffenholz Beach, and Baker Beach. 
Houda Point Beach
A short hiking trail leads from the parking area out to the top of Houda Point. Offshore is a large rock nicknamed Camel Rock because it looks like a two-humped camel from some angles. North of the point is Houda Point Beach with another large rock covered in vegetation. The waves wrap around this rock which is reachable at low tides. A third large rock is visible in the distance (Pilot Rock).  Trinidad Head is visible to the north except when fog fills the bay. Below the point to the south is Houda Cove which has a small beach with rock and driftwood at the back. 
Photo: T.C.L.T.
Photo: T.C.L.T.
Photo: T.C.L.T.
Luffenholtz Beach
The park has a large scenic overlook on a rock that juts out into the surf with views toward Trinidad Head and the picturesque town. North of this overlook is Luffenholtz Beach and south of it is  Houda Point Beach. 
Luffenholtz Creek sometimes flows across this narrow dark sand beach which has large rocks in the surf and offshore. 
Photo: T.C.L.T.
Photo: T.C.L.T.
Photo: T.C.L.T.
Photo: T.C.L.T.
Baker Beach
Baker Beach, aka "Baker's," is a secluded cove beach just south of Trinidad. Baker Beach's ecology consists of alder trees, tide pools, and numerous offshore rocks and larger sea stacks. There is  a steep overgrown trail that descends from Scenic Drive down to the beach. 
Photo: T.C.L.T.
Photo: T.C.L.T.
Photo: T.C.L.T.
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