What is the most requested event in our last 15 years of student ministry that we have ALWAYS said no to...until now?

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It's official. We've lost our minds.


We're locking ourselves in at King's Grant and kicking off Spring Break the craziest way we know how.

When: April 8th/9th from 7pm - 7am

Where: King's Grant Baptist Church

Who: All students in 7th - 12th grades and their friends

Cost: $25

We'll start the night at King's Grant before heading over to Latitude for rock climbing. After that, we're locking ourselves in for a night of games, giveaways, food, and more!


Turn in your money and registration form by Sunday, April 3rd to secure your spot.

If you went on the Fall Retreat, you do not need to fill out another form. Your form is still good unless any information has changed.


Each participant is required to fill out a Latitude waiver prior to the event.

The booking name is Anderson.

What to Bring:


Comfy clothes

Socks - for rock climbing rental shoes

Sleeping bag and pillow - in case you want to TRY to sleep

Favorite snack to share - for Grab and Go table


What NOT to Bring:


Anything that will get you sent home in the middle of the night (don't make us call your Mama at 3 a.m.)

Other Information:

Eat something before rock climbing. We'll have a late night pizza party and snacks all throughout the night. Breakfast will be served before you head home to sleep the day away.

Students are encouraged to invite friends!

Registration Form
Latitude Waiver

Booking name is Anderson