Lockwire | Lock Wire 
Malin Company, Inc. has developed an exclusive color coding system of lock wire canisters. These proprietary canisters make for both easy identification and safe and durable lock wire storage. The company’s lockwire varieties include:
  • Copper and brass breakaway wire
  • Monel Aerospace Lockwire and Safety Wire (red canister)
  • Oxidized Inconel Aerospace Lockwire and Safety wire (orange canister)
  • Inconel Aerospace Lock wire and Safety Wire (yellow canister)
  • Stainless steel aerospace lock wire and safety wire (blue canister)
Malin produces lockwire for an impressive range of industries. They carry a lock wire solution for any industry and any task. Also, the professionals at Malin have worked to earn their reputations through premier lock wire customization services. Take a look at some of the industries Malin serves below.  
  • Aerospace
  • Medical
  • Mill supply
  • Catalog houses
  • Hardware supply

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