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January 2019    
Proper training is a must!  
FaciliWorks Regional Training

To save time, avoid common mistakes and get the most out of your software, it is imperative to receive proper training and we offer a wide variety of training options to meet every need and budget. Class sizes are limited, so make your reservation now!

Web Training Suite 
Our Web Training Suite covers the same topics as a regional training class, but it's broken down into four easily manageable online sessions. You can register for individual sessions when you just need a refresher or you can register for the full suite and learn to use FaciliWorks like a pro, right off the bat.
Regional Training
Do you prefer to get out of the office? A two-day, hands-on regional training class will take you step by step through planning, preparation, setup and successful operation of FaciliWorks. You'll learn how to save time, avoid common mistakes and get the most out of your software. You'll also learn about advanced topics like data filtering, system maintenance, security and more.
Custom Training
In addition to the two training types listed above, we also offer onsite training and custom web training. If you need to train more than one user, users at multiple locations or simply want a fully customized training experience on your timeline, please contact us regarding these special training options.

Contact our training specialist at any time for details or registration:

1-800-777-7020 ext. 134
Industry News
Keeping safe on the roads: series of standards for vehicle electronics functional safety just updated

In today's world where the technology of road vehicles is moving ahead at racing pace, it is important that these exciting new electronic features are safe. A series of International Standards for functional safety of electrical and electronic systems in road vehicles has just been updated to keep the automotive industry ahead of the pack.

Read the full story on ISO.org 
Referral Rewards Program
For each referral you make, you'll receive a $100 reward* in the form of a Visa gift card, or if you are unable to accept such gifts, you may choose a discount on a future purchase with us. You can refer anyone to us to earn rewards - even your in-house quality, maintenance and supplier inspection teams.

*Click here for more information and start earning rewards now!
FaciliWorks 8i Tech Tip
Keep self-building lists accurate and relevant to your facility and processes by locking them down.  
In FaciliWorks 8i, items can be added to self-building lists on the fly or lists can be locked down. By locking down a specific look-up list, FaciliWorks 8i users cannot add values or remove values from the list. This customization allows the FaciliWorks administrator to be in charge of the available list choices, enforces facility-specific processes and keeps the system free of superfluous data.
For example, here in the Data Administration -> Assets form, the Priority field's self-building list has been filled with bad data:  
Priority field with bad data
So let's fix this. We are going to clean up this self-building list and lock it down so that only FaciliWorks administrators can change the values.  
Log on to FaciliWorks 8i as a user with administrator rights.  
Navigate to the Configuration -> Admin Settings -> Advanced tab and scroll to the lower portion of the form to the List Limit and List ID headings:  
Advanced tab 1
The list we want to clean up in this example is the Priority field in the Asset form, so click the Detail of List link that corresponds to Asset Priority. The following window opens:  
Asset priority with bad data
Now, go through the list and delete all of the bad entries. In this example, the clean list could look like this:  
Asset Priority good data
Click Save and close the Asset Priority Detail of List pop-up window; you are back on the Advanced tab.  
Now, lock down the list by clicking the List Limit checkbox next to Asset Priority:  
List limit checked

Click Save at the bottom of the form.  
We have successfully cleaned and lock down the self-building list for the Asset Priority field. From now on, FaciliWorks users will not be able to make their own entries in this field; they are limited to the defined list. If, in the future, you want to unlock the list, simply uncheck the associated List Limit checkbox and save your changes.
We encourage you to explore the additional capabilities of your FaciliWorks software and as always, keep an eye out for future Tech Tips.  
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