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Remember the good old Telephone Book, where you could quickly look up contact details?

Let your fingers do the walking …… choose a category (more coming soon). Then select the title you are looking for

Categories to choose from:
Healing Zone: for Spiritual Healing Practitioners and Therapists
Reading Seer: for Guidance on Your Life Path
Muscle Relief: for Relaxing Massage Therapy
Personal Care: for Clothing, Skin Care, Jewellery etc.
Home Sense: for Gifts, Crystals, Books, Incense etc.

Coming soon
Altar Tools, Arts & Crafts, Good Food, and many more

Cost: FREE ENTRY VALID TILL 30 September 2020

Members: Unlimited Free Entries
WhatsApp Broadcast
WhatsApp Broadcast is not the dreaded WhatsApp Group, where you are inundated with constant messages (hate being part of a group – and often put it on silent or remove myself).

Sound familiar?

What is WhatsApp Broadcast?
Very simply put (I like things simple and easy). You receive a message from me directly without being hassled by other responses (believe me, I do receive a lot of responses back, but only I can see them and respond).

You receive messages directly, this allows you to respond directly to me only –without others reading it or knowing about it.

Basically, it is a type of folder, where I save your name and number, and when I send out messages, I click on your name.

To receive these messages, you have to save +27 82 637 7416 and send WhatsApp with Your Name and Holistic as message. I do have a few WhatsApp Broadcasts, and would love to know which one to add you too.

From time to time, you will receive short messages announcing: articles written by our authors, Members Secret Shopping and Events

If you ever want to leave the WhatsApp Broadcast, please send me a message.

This is free for everyone