September 9, 2016
Vol. 2, Issue 18
Dear Lakeside Community,

     At approximately 8:05 am this morning, we received a call from the Sheriff's Department, informing us that we needed to immediately secure our campus. We began a lockdown procedures for those here on campus. A huge thank you to those parents who were outside and, when I designated them as point people to help clear the campus and man the doors, they did just that...brilliantly.

     When deputies arrived, I was informed that shots were fired but not in close proximity to the campus. They wanted us to maintain the lockdown and allow students to be dropped off, but reinforced that we were not in any danger. They used our campus to stage officers and wanted to ensure that we felt safe. We shared information via Blackboard Connect, Twitter, Facebook, and our school website. If you did not get a Blackboard Connect message (text or call), please let us know (this is for families only).

     Our students and staff were never in any danger. 

     At approximately 8:40 am, the deputies let us know that the lockdown was lifted. Because we had all of the students gathered in the library, with our many parents and staff reading with them, I was able to greet them as a group. I congratulated the students on their respectful behavior and outstanding listening skills. We joined together for flag salute and celebrated a birthday. 

     Once our students were sent to classes, I debriefed with the deputies. One of our mountain neighbors had an ailing horse, borrowed a gun, and put the horse down with 5 shots. Unfortunately, he did this during school hours AND did not inform law enforcement. They had no choice, upon receiving reports of shots fired, to proceed with a high level of caution. More than 20 vehicles of officers were in the hills to support the community. 

      We are grateful for the support and communication from the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Department. Their presence here was helpful in reassuring families and staff that Lakeside was safe. 

     We are continuing the day as planned. Our counselor, Mia, is here today so if we see any students who are upset or struggling, she will check in with them and further reassure them. The Sheriff's Department has offered to come back and speak with students today, so I'll talk with staff and get their take during recess and we may have a brief assembly before school ends. If that does happen, we will share that on Blackboard Connect, Facebook, our website, and Twitter, should any of you want to join us.

    Don't forget the Picnic and Movie Night tomorrow night and do know that I'll have an eblast, regularly scheduled on Friday afternoon, going out in a few hours. Thank you for your support.

Interim Superintendent & Lead Learner
 19621 Black Road Los Gatos, CA  (408) 354-2372