Haddam Historical Society
Thankful Arnold House Museum
April 10, 2020
Dear members, friends, neighbors and supporters,

We are extremely thankful and deeply appreciate your support during this difficult time of the Covid-19 crisis and quarantine. The museum has been closed and all our public events have been cancelled or postponed for the foreseeable future. Because we are a one-person office, staff continues to work cataloging and archiving our collections, spring cleaning and performing administrative duties. We are not open to visitors, volunteers, or members.

However, we are posting to our social media accounts on a regular basis and have just published an online exhibit on our blog site: http://haddamhistory.blogspot.com/ .

The exhibit is a brief overview of Haddam Island. 
Connecticut's Historic Gardens Contest
Connecticut’s Historic Gardens, of which we are a proud member, has started a contest on our Instagram accounts “Can you identify this Flower/Plant”. Each historic site including the Thankful Arnold House will post a photo of a plant from their gardens and visitors have a chance to guess what it is for a prize. We are found on Instagram at haddam_historical_society .

Historic Time
We will continue to bring history to you and meet our mission to “preserve, collect, interpret and promote the history and heritage of Haddam for present and future generations”. Please visit our web site to get updates. It is a difficult time for many, however if you can donate, any contribution would be most welcome. We are living in a historic moment.
Connecticut Spring Antiques Show

Although it seems like months ago that we had to cancel our largest and most important fundraiser, the Connecticut Spring Antiques Show, it has been only been a few weeks. We again would like to thank the committee for all their hard work and we look forward to continuing with the show in 2021. Stay tuned and please visit our wonderful dealers on their websites through www.ctspringshow.com 
Town Wide Tag Sale

We have just heard that the Town Wide Tag Sale has been moved to June 13, 2020. If indeed the sale goes forward the Haddam Historical Society will be in need of a number of volunteers that day to help out as it is also Connecticut Open House Day and the museum will be open for free between 12 noon and 4 pm. This is all dependent on whether the quarantine is lifted or not..... but if you can help out with the Tag Sale for a few hours please contact us at contact@haddamhistory.org

Haddam Shad Museum
As reported in an earlier email, the Haddam Historical Society is working closely with Dr. Joe Zaientz to make sure the Haddam Shad Museum remains in Haddam and open to the public for generations to come. Due to the current Covid-19 crisis the Shad Museum’s opening has been delayed. Check our website for updates at www.haddamhistory.org .

Finally....the answers
Top Row Left: Haddam Elementary School

Top Row Right: Tree in Field Park

Bottom Row Left: Cupola on barn at HK HIgh School

Bottom Row Right: Brainerd's Field in Haddam Neck from Quarry Hill Road